Capitolwire: New proposal seeks to further chip away at Keystone Exam graduation requirement, offer multiple graduation options

Reprinted with permission By Chris Comisac, Bureau Chief, Capitolwire HARRISBURG (April 4) – The seesaw that is public education policy could soon be sawing back to where it was, roughly, pre-Keystone Exams… More

How high school diploma requirements fall short of college admission standards

Most state high school graduation requirements are so poorly designed that they trap students in a “preparation gap,” where they don't qualify for admission to public universities, according to a study released Monday. Education Week, April 2, 2018 (Subscription may be required… More

Employers are desperately seeking young, skilled workers, so why aren’t more high school students attending the Lancaster County CTC?

While demand for career and tech education surges, community and school leaders say there’s still not enough CTC students here to meet the demands of the job market. And they say educators, counselors and parents should focus on crafting a college or career plan that align with the needs of the local workforce… More

JUUL warning: Area schools struggling to stay ahead of new vaping device

Parents of teens are becoming aware of a potential health risk known as vaping. One area school district has been educating parents on social media about the cigarette substitute that medical professionals say could bring health risks… More

How more meetings might be the secret to fixing high school

One of the biggest questions in education is whether it's even possible to turn around a low-performing school. NPR, March 31, 2018 (Subscription may be required… More

Lawmaker proposes bill to make school safety part of building plans

Sen. Jim Brewster plans to introduce a bill that would force districts, as they develop plans for a major construction project or renovation on a school, to include specific steps that make the building safer… More

Area school districts continue looking for ways to improve security

Experts said things like keeping classroom doors locked and forming crisis teams within schools can be some of the most effective methods for preventing shootings and other tragedies… More

Some PA educators banned from working in schools still collect pensions

At least 204 people remain on the Public School Employee Retirement System’s payroll after their certification was surrendered or revoked, according to an analysis by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette… More

Eliminating school property taxes remains an elusive goal

Lawmakers continue to push for it but the support in the General Assembly is much more tepid. Reading Eagle, March 31, 2018 (Subscription may be required… More

How schools can be first defense against addiction

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette asked the region's biggest school systems about their approaches to drug prevention. Some have policies focused on punishing violators, while others stress rehabilitation… More