Gov. Tom Wolf, angry about budget deadlocks, will turn to liquor stores to close deficit​

Gov. Tom Wolf threatened unilateral action to help close the state's budget deficit Wednesday, as another negotiated settlement with legislative Republicans faltered in the face of statewide opposition.​, Oct… More

Want change In education? Look beyond the usual suspects (like Finland)

Something big is happening here. Governments, nonprofits, donors and educators are gearing up to try to solve two intractable, and seemingly disparate, problems — at the same time. The first one is that not enough children are learning the basics. The second is that the basics are no longer enough., Oct… More

A guide to state ESSA plans: Goals, teacher quality, and more

After more than a year of preparation, the Every Student Succeeds Act is on the verge of hitting classrooms nationwide. And nearly all states have now laid out their blueprints for how they intend to hold schools and districts accountable for requirements of the new federal K-12 law. Education Week, Oct… More

Pennsylvania lawmakers eye higher hotel tax in budget fight

Pennsylvania's hotel tax rate would nearly double and Philadelphia and Pittsburgh would have the nation's two highest combined state-and-city hotel taxes under a proposal surfacing Tuesday in the House of Representatives to fill state government's $2.2 billion projected deficit. Associated Press, Oct… More

Huge stakes for teachers’ unions as fees case reaches high court

In a case with enormous financial implications for teachers' unions, the U.S. Supreme Court once again has agreed to take up a dispute that threatens a 40-year-old precedent giving unions the right to collect fees from nonmembers. Education Week, Sept. 29, 2017 (Subscription may be required… More

The charter effect: Some charter school heads earn big paychecks compared to other public school leaders. What’s the rationale?

Even among the charter schools — both brick-and-mortar and cyber — there’s a wide range of compensation that, in some cases, doesn’t appear to always be tied to academic achievement or school size. Public Source, Sept… More

No action on latest bid to end three-month budget stalemate

Lawmakers returned to the Pennsylvania Capitol amid a three-month-old budget stalemate Monday, but optimism from top Republican lawmakers about an evolving proposal to fill a $2.2 billion revenue gap did not translate into action. Associated Press, Oct… More

Puerto Rico public schools may not reopen for weeks

Twelve days after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, officials said only 5% of the island has electricity and its schools are not close to reopening. CNN, Oct… More

How schools are dealing with students’ right to protest

After more than 200 NFL players took a knee on Sunday during the national anthem to protest police brutality, public schools across the country have grappled with how to handle students who chose to protest in the same manner., Sept… More

School districts, including Reading, prepare for influx of Puerto Rican students

The districts are making plans to accommodate students with a unique set of needs: Some coming from the Caribbean island have limited English skills, some are already weeks behind because island schools have been closed since Hurricane Irma, and others will be dealing with trauma from living through the storm and its aftermath. WITF, Oct… More