New report finds nearly half of Pennsylvania children had traumatic experiences in 2016

Nearly half of children in Pennsylvania had at least one adverse childhood experience, or ACE, according to a a new study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. WESA 90.5, Oct… More

Study: Poverty and limited educational opportunities put immigrant and minority children at a disadvantage

Children of color and those of immigrant families continue to face disproportionate disadvantages from poverty, limited educational opportunities and family separation. That's according to a new report out Tuesday from the Annie E… More

Lawsuit seeks removal of Lower Merion school board

A lawyer who successfully sued the Lower Merion SD for exaggerating multimillion-dollar budget deficits to justify large tax increases now wants the court system to remove the entire school board and force the return of $300,000 it paid to lawyers. Philadelphia Inquirer, Oct… More

Pennsylvania House passes fiscal code, keeping progress toward state budget closure on track

The Pennsylvania state House has passed a key bill in the deficit-patch being crafted to complete the $32.0 billion 2017-18 state budget. The so-called fiscal code, often characterized as the operator's manual to the state budget because it sets parameters for disbursement of certain appropriations, passed Tuesday on a 109-75 vote., Oct… More

Controversial school choice legislation defeated on a tie vote in Senate committee

School choice legislation gaining traction across the nation hit a roadblock in the Pennsylvania Senate Education Committee on Tuesday., Oct… More

Still at-odds with House, Senate assembles new gambling plan

This week the state Senate is expected to consider a budget proposal that's already been approved by the House, and leaders say the borrowing-heavy plan might be the only avenue to finding consensus… More

Injunction sought to stop Wolf’s borrowing to balance Pa.’s budget

Gov. Tom Wolf's plan to use his executive powers to borrow against future Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board payments to help fund this year's budget may have hit a roadblock… More

What Zuckerberg’s $100 million bought Newark Public Schools

In 2010, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg gifted $100 million to the Newark school system to make some radical and controversial changes, including new teachers’ contracts and expanded charter programs… More

Public educators share fallout on personalized learning, privatization and edtech

Educators from around the U.S. gathered in Oakland this past weekend for the Network for Public Education’s (NPE) national conference, where several sessions centered around a common theme: protecting public education amid an era of federal budget cuts and concerns over the increased presence of technology in classrooms. EdSurge, Oct… More

Analysis: No budget? No problem – Welcome back to the show that never ends

So there's this: On the one hand, state House Republicans appear to have completely lost their collective ability to get a completed state budget across the goal line… More