Wolf defends budget, says he’s solving decades-old problems

Fresh off his first budget proposal to the Republican-controlled Legislature, Governor Tom Wolf is questioning how Republican lawmakers can be so critical of its elements… More

Their View: Harrisburg needs to own pension mistakes

Harrisburg’s pension funding mistakes are born from a bipartisan attitude that kicking the can down the road is better than honesty, pragmatism and action… More

Wolf’s Pa. budget plan seen as having almost no chance

Gov. Tom Wolf's proposed shift from property taxes to higher income and sales levies has virtually no chance to pass the GOP-dominated legislature as is, lawmakers and analysts said Wednesday, though he struck a theme appealing to many Republicans and Democrats… More

House Republicans see some positives to Gov. Wolf’s pension proposal

Some House Republicans are praising portions of the pension proposal laid out by Gov. Tom Wolf in his budget address Tuesday… More

Hite releases updated plan focused on neighborhood schools, turnaround strategies

Superintendent William Hite will unveil his third action plan for the city’s embattled school system Wednesday, which he says will help the district better compete – but also require significant investment from the city and state. Philly… More

School officials pleased by Wolf budget proposal

Gov. Wolf's proposal Tuesday for a historic increase in state education spending was received like a Christmas bonus in March by school officials in the region, and they said they were especially pleased about what it might mean for property owners – lower taxes… More

Wolf’s education proposal gets mixed reviews

Traditional public school officials applauded Gov. Tom Wolf's proposal to pump more than $1 billion more into education and its employee retirement fund but acknowledged the plan will be challenged by the Republican-controlled Legislature… More

113 Pennsylvania school districts get max relief under Gov. Tom Wolf’s property tax plan. Is that enough?

Is Gov. Tom Wolf's school property tax reduction proposal polarizing, or a secret passage to fiscal common ground? You could get arguments on both sides Tuesday as taxpayers and lawmakers alike tried to wrap their minds around a plan that still seemed – by day's end – to promise certain results with little supporting evidence… More

‘Innovative and bold’ or an ‘attack’ on charters? Reactions to Wolf budget plan

Was it an “innovative and bold” step forward or a bloody “attack” on charter schools? After Gov. Wolf’s budget address, some groups immediately turned up the heat on legislators to “put our money where their mouths are,” while others took a breath and celebrated a “solid first step” toward universal pre-K… More

Wolf delivers on his promise to boost Pennsylvania education spending

In his first budget proposal, Gov. Tom Wolf delivered on his campaign promise to increase support for education, boosting spending and savings by about $1 billion and spreading it around to pre-K classes, school districts, community colleges, community colleges and public universities… More