Senate GOP eyes current workers as source of pension savings

Pennsylvania's cold war over public pensions is heating up as state Senate Republicans consider resurrecting a plan to reduce future benefits for current state and school employees. Such a move would affect hundreds of thousands of workers. Majority Leader Jake Corman said this week that savings could free up money for other programs… More

Pennsylvania bill debates definition of taxable charities

Eli Evankovich pays taxes on the Delmont day care center he and his wife run, so why, he asked last week, shouldn’t the YMCA? As a state legislator who sits on the House Finance Committee, Mr… More

Lackawanna County school taxes drive majority of burden

Driven by school taxes, North Abington Twp. has the highest tax burden in Lackawanna County for 2015, a Sunday Times tax analysis has found. Scranton, Carbondale and swaths of both the Abingtons and the North Pocono area annually comprise the top 10 most-expensive communities… More

Should an Oreo require a permission slip?

Sometimes, the tiniest thing can go viral. Like a cookie. A Lower Merion mom learned that this week, after her Twitter rant over a school permission slip became part of an online debate about schools, food, and parenting… More

Editorial: Fund schools, taper control

There is scant doubt that Pennsylvanians want the state government to provide a higher percentage of funding for public schools. It’s a fundamental reason that Tom Wolf, rather than Tom Corbett, is the governor. But the focus on funding — revenue — has obscured another side of the issue… More

Editorial: Who Is Closing PA Schools?

Over the past few months I have attended two public hearings in two separate school districts about the closing of two separate rural elementary schools, and they show pretty clearly the giant disconnect that allows the assault on public education to continue unchecked… More

EDITORIAL: Republicans draw line in the sand on pension reform

The road to a new spending plan for Pennsylvania just hit a massive pothole. Probably not a surprise given the pock-marked, crater-strewn lunar surfaces that pass for roads in the commonwealth these days… More

Education professor asks: Does Pa. really need charter schools?

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives recently voted to “improve” charter schools. House Bill 530 requires academic performance measures and expects charter schools to implement truancy regulations. It also reduces lunch money payments by $27 million because cyber charter schools do not provide lunches. GoErie… More

Penn Brief on PA School Funding Policy: Three Things You Need to Know

Last November, the University of Pennsylvania’s Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE) released a policy brief on how money matters in school funding, especially in large, urban school districts. ThirdandState… More

Opinion: Patti — Basic principles of school funding

The Pennsylvania Business Council believes the commonwealth’s public schools must be provided with funding adequate to educate our students to the level of proficiency required by our state academic standards and graduation requirements… More