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Key PSERS Provisions of Senate Bill 1

The following is PSBA’s initial summary of key provisions of Senate Bill 1, as of May 12. Senate Bill 1 is the Senate version of pension reform that seeks to change the Public School Employee Retirement System (PSERS) and the State Employee Retirement System (SERS) for both long- and short-term cost savings… More

PSBA’s All-Access Package

Your best value and cost savings is PSBA’s enhanced All-Access Package for a small additional fee above your standard membership dues. This unique option gives your district leadership team the LEARN Pass (formerly Board Value Pass), Board Evaluation Consult, Policy Maintenance, Comprehensive Subscription package, and a 15% discount on annual conference and Administrative Regulations… More

Legal Update – Commonwealth Court Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Funding Adequacy

In a unanimous “en banc” decision, the Commonwealth Court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by seven school districts and several parents against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Department of Education, the General Assembly and various state officials challenging the state’s public education funding system as inadequate to satisfy the state constitutional mandate that the “General… More

Grants Support program details

Federal, state, and private foundation funders provide more than $600 billion in grant funding annually to communities across the country. The US Department of Education alone, one of 26 federal grant-making agencies, distributed more than $19 billion in grants last year… More

PAEOP Annual Educational Office Professionals Conference — Sponsors

Event Home | Fees and Accommodations | Schedule | Session Descriptions | Sponsors Conference Sponsors Thank you to the listed sponsors who have worked with PAEOP this year providing financial assistance for this conference… More

Topics and citations for PA legislation frequently referred to by act number only

The Governor’s proposed budget legislation

The Governor's proposed General Appropriation Budget Bill and other budget-related legislation are available here: General Appropriation Budget bill – updated Pension Reform Omnibus Legislation Enacting Education Spending Property Tax Initiative Career and Technical Education Investment Other Tax Changes Bill… More

Region 9 Legislative Forum: View the Recording

Region 1& 2 Legislative Forum: View the Recording