Protected: New School Director Training, Handouts

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post… More

LEARN more about the performance management process

LEARN/All Access Pass Eligible What is an effective method for evaluating the superintendent? LEARN module The Board's Role in Managing the Superintendent's Job Performance: GOV 143 outlines the superintendent performance management process using the 3-Cs Model, which relies on commitment, collaboration and communication between the board and the superintendent… More

PDE to request USDE waiver of Title III requirements

PSBA Note: The PA Department of Education (PDE) announced its intention to request a waiver from the U.S Department of Education (USDE) of Title III of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA). Title III relates to language instruction for Limited English Proficient/English Language Learners… More

PDE revises exit criteria for English language instructional programs

PSBA Note: The following is the memo from the PA Department of Education explaining the revised exit criteria for the state’s English Language Instructional Programs for English Language Learners (ELL) to make exit decisions for the 2015-16 school year based on 2014-15 data… More

PSBA Special Report: 2015-16 budget stalemate

Stopgap budget vetoed, schools face financial impacts On Sept. 29, 2015, Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed the stopgap budget bills passed by the General Assembly that would have provided about four months of support to state agencies and public schools. The emergency funding under Senate Bill 1000 (Sen. Browne, R- Lehigh), Senate Bill 1001 (Sen… More

New School Director Training

School boards who will welcome new directors after the election should plan to attend PSBA training to help everyone feel more confident right from the start. This one-day event is targeted to help members learn the basics of their new roles and responsibilities… More

Budget impasse, lack of PlanCon reimbursement create financial problems at Otto-Eldred SD

Otto-Eldred SD (McKean Co.) will have a fund balance of about $60,000 in about a month. This amount is what remains after the use of multiple reserve funds, after receiving anticipated local property tax revenues, and after meeting financial obligations to service providers and vendors… More

Spending freeze, no charter school payment at Carmichaels Area SD

The Carmichaels Area SD currently has a freeze on all spending and is not making its payment to cyber charter schools. The Pre-K/Head Start program is in limbo, and Head Start students are having to go elsewhere due to lack of funds… More

State Board of Education: Update on recommendations for gifted education

At its September 2015 meeting, the State Board of Education received an update on the recommendations it approved in September 2014 for improvements for gifted education programs that can be done through actions of PDE without amending the current Chapter 16 regulations… More

Omnibus School Code bill contains distribution details

House Bill 224, the omnibus School Code bill passed by the Senate on Sept. 18, 2015, provides for the distribution of state funds for schools under the stopgap budget plan contained in Senate Bill 1000. The bill requires the state to make basic subsidy and special education payments no later than Oct. 29, 2015… More