Webinar Series – School’s in Session: A New Learning Landscape

From student health to legal concerns, school leaders have many considerations as they determine how to safely reopen schools during the pandemic… More

Webinar Series – The Intersection: Racism, Protest and Schools

Explore the intersection of racism, protest and public schools in this hour-long webinar series, complimentary for members. Click each session for more information including panelists and how to register. Sessions Thursday, June 18 – Intersections: Addressing This Moment Will be available for replay via myPSBA… More

Charter School Funding Reform: Fair reforms will provide savings for districts

School leaders ask that the General Assembly reform the unfair system for charter school tuition. Every Pennsylvania school district, regardless of its size, location, and wealth, makes payments to these schools for resident students who are enrolled. The charter school funding formula has not been changed since it was created 23 years ago… More

The 2020-21 state budget: Maintain investments for education

School leaders ask that the General Assembly maintain investments for public education in the 2020-21 state budget without reductions in basic education, special education and other state subsidies… More

Keynote Webinar Series

PSBA hosted a six-week Keynote Webinar Series for members to hear world-class keynotes address topics of interest, from the comfort and safety of their homes. Please login to myPSBA to access recorded versions of the webinars. We've recently launched part two of the Keynote Webinar Series. Click here for more information… More

Capitolwire: Early budget battle brewing over school safety grants

By Robert Swift Staff Writer Capitolwire HARRISBURG (Feb. 5) – An early state budget debate is brewing over the future of state grants provided to school districts to pay for a range of projects to improve student safety. Gov… More

Summary of House Bill 1897

Quick summary: House Bill 1897 (Rep. Sonney, R-Erie) requires school districts to offer full-time cyber education programs by the 2021-22 school year. Overall, the proposal would require all districts to provide one full-time cyber education program and offer two alternative programs from third-party vendors… More

Summary of House Bill 1800

Quick summary: House Bill 1800 (Rep. Turzai, R-Allegheny) establishes a voucher program for students in the Harrisburg School District, which entered state receivership in June, 2019. The legislation sets a precedent for expansion in other districts… More

Approved Act 158 Keystone Exam composite score

On July 11, 2019, the State Board of Education approved the recommendation of the Secretary of Education for a satisfactory Keystone Exam composite score of 4452 that would be used as one of the pathways to graduation under Act 158 of 2018… More

Summary of Act 91 of 2019: School security personnel training and arrest powers

Quick summary: Act 91 was House Bill 49, printer’s number in the 2019-20 legislative session. It authorizes necessary fixes to provisions under Act 67 of 2019 regarding school safety personnel to extend the deadline for training requirements… More