Webinar Series – School’s in Session: A New Learning Landscape

From student health to legal concerns, school leaders have many considerations as they determine how to safely reopen schools during the pandemic… More

Webinar Series – The Intersection: Racism, Protest and Schools

Explore the intersection of racism, protest and public schools in this hour-long webinar series, complimentary for members. Click each session for more information including panelists and how to register. Sessions Thursday, June 18 – Intersections: Addressing This Moment Will be available for replay via myPSBA… More

Mandate Relief: The Campaign to Support Public Schools

Pennsylvania public schools have risen to the challenge to provide education to the commonwealth’s students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools have become creative and innovative and used whatever resources they could muster to deal with the local diverse challenges they face… More

Contact your legislators on social media

Share your advocacy efforts with your community by posting on social media. Download and print this advocacy day paddle to use as a prop in a selfie. Upload your selfie to your favorite social media platform using the hashtag #Advocate4PublicEd. Contact your legislator today. Please stay on the recommended talking points… More

Contact your legislators by email

Take action by emailing your legislators. By clicking the Take Action button below, you can send your legislators an email drafted by PSBA… More

Contact your legislators by phone

Find the contact information for your legislator by going to https://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/legis/home/findyourlegislator/. Before you call, prepare by reviewing the talking points and knowing your district’s facts. Identify yourself as a constituent and elected board director or district administrator and ask to speak with the legislator concerning education issues in Pennsylvania… More

Mandate Relief: Broad, long-term mandate relief needed

School districts are required to comply with hundreds of individual mandates. Considered separately, certain mandates can be defended as implementing important policy objectives or as sincere efforts to enhance the quality of education, student achievement, health, safety and accountability… More

Charter School Funding Reform: Fair reforms will provide savings for districts

School leaders ask that the General Assembly reform the unfair system for charter school tuition. Every Pennsylvania school district, regardless of its size, location, and wealth, makes payments to these schools for resident students who are enrolled. The charter school funding formula has not been changed since it was created 23 years ago… More

The 2020-21 state budget: Maintain investments for education

School leaders ask that the General Assembly maintain investments for public education in the 2020-21 state budget without reductions in basic education, special education and other state subsidies… More

Electing PSBA Officers

Do you have strong communication and leadership skills and a vision for PSBA? Members interested in becoming the next leaders of PSBA are encouraged to submit an Application for Nomination no later than June 1 to PSBA's Leadership Development Committee (LDC)… More