North Hills School District

Allison MathisAllison Mathis was elected to the North Hills School District Board of Education in 2017 and has served as board president since December 2019. She also has been serving as finance chair since 2021. Her PSBA participation includes serving as a sectional advisor for Section 5 to now serving as PSBA’s current vice president on the governing board. Allison has two school-aged children, is a former PTO president, vice president and secretary for their elementary school, and sits on the board for the North Hills Foundation. Her professional background is in project management and communications.

In response to the nomination form question, “Why I wish to serve in this position and what I hope to accomplish?”

“When first elected to North Hills School Board, my colleague, a long-serving board member, immediately advised me to learn about PSBA. She discussed the valuable resources and programs that PBSA offers and how my involvement would contribute to my growth as a new board member. This was probably the best advice she could have offered me. As a result, I have utilized and appreciated the resources and services from PSBA, particularly during the pandemic. I truly believe that the support, education and camaraderie provided by PSBA has made me a better board member and a better leader.

I currently serve as vice president on the governing board and would love the opportunity to continue my involvement. I am a dedicated school board member and exhibit professionalism in all circumstances. I would bring this dedication and professionalism to my role on the governing board. I would be a strong representative of PSBA and champion your mission, vision and values.

I apply for this role with no specific agenda, but to further expand and continue my advocacy for public education and my involvement in your organization. It would be my honor to continue to represent the association.”