For over 25 years, our hands-on, analytical approach to school district employee background screening has gone beyond reliance on typical database searches and automated record retrieval systems. Instead, our process considers each background review as an individual case that demands personal attention. We’ve screened thousands of candidates, working with each school district to ensure that our service protects their interests and complements their search process. The following services are included in each search: 1. FCRA compliant forms and procedures 2. Development and investigation of all aliases identified 3. Perform on-site and real-time courthouse research with access to the nation’s over 3,000 county courthouses 4. Conduct hands-on analysis to discover gaps, inconsistencies, and areas in which further research is needed 5. Prepare a final report that thoroughly communicates findings in a clear and concise manner 6. Provide access to our team throughout the process


Kim Cockerham