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Alliance Partner Advisory Council

The purpose of the Alliance Partner Advisory Council is to foster ethical and mutually supportive projects, programs and services among educational enterprises offering goods and services to the membership of the Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA). Below is a list of the current council:

  • Brett Eater, CM Regent Insurance Company
  • William (Ted) Hopkins, FVHD Architects-Planners
  • Mark Carolla, Keystone Purchasing Network
  • Rajesh Chainani, PA School District Liquid Asset Fund
  • Rose Fetter, SitelogIQ
  • Craig Nelson, Tremco Inc.

The council also consists of PSBA President David Hein, PSBA President-Elect David Schaap and PSBA staff members who serve as ex-officio support to the council.

For more information about the Alliance Partnership Program or the Advisory Council contact, (717) 506-2450, ext. 3310.

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