January is School Director Recognition Month!

In January, we pause to salute a group of nine people who spend dozens of hours each month voluntarily leading our schools and making difficult decisions – they are the school directors.

As the successes of our students are being highlighted in a statewide campaign called “PA Public Schools: Success Starts Here,” let’s not forget our elected school directors who play a significant role in creating the environment where those successes can happen.

Materials to help you celebrate your education leadership:

  1. Certificate to download, customize and print
  2. PSBA's resolution
  3. Suggestions for celebrating
  4. Did you know…?
  5. A suggested editorial
  6. Sample press release

Sen. Phillips-Hill talks with PSBA about School Directors Recognition Month

As school director recognition month came to an end, we had the chance to interview Senator Kristen Phillips-Hill. Watch the video below.

View the Official Resolution passed by the Senate of Pennsylvania on January 30, 2019.