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PA School Facts & Figures
This report provides a quick statewide summary of Pennsylvania school data, such as enrollment, high school graduates, average salaries, school director and school entity demographics, to use as a quick desk reference for the most often requested school information.

Facts and Figures

State of Education Report
The annual State of Education report surveys chief school administrators from school districts, career and technical centers and intermediate units, as well as pulling data from public sources. It is intended to be a barometer of not only the key indicators of public school performance but also the challenges schools face and how they are coping with them.

State of Education Report


Actual Instructional Expense
This study tracks the state instructional subsidy and local share of actual instructional expense from 1970 to present. The data tracking table shows a historic perspective on school funding.

Actual Instructional Expense

Consumer Price Index
A monthly notice is sent to all business officials and superintendents via Penn*Link and a data tracking table is updated on the website. This data is used as a local economic indicator and to help determine salary increases for school staff.

Consumer Price Index

Study of School Budgets
This report is designed to help school officials with budget decisions as they prepare to submit the annual school budget to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Budgets, Annual Study of Public School


Five-Year Review of Average Annual Salaries
The study provides analysis of professional salaries reported to the Pennsylvania Department of Education broken into three main classifications: total professional staff, administrative and supervisory personnel, and bargaining unit positions. Average salaries reported in the annual review are intended to provide general compensation benchmarks, and they also give quick reference to trends in salary administration.

Salaries, Five-Year Review of Average Annual Salaries

Pupil/Staffing Ratios
Questions regarding staffing and number of pupils are frequently addressed by PSBA Research. This report gives school officials a general understanding of staffing patterns.

Staffing: Pupil-staffing ratios

School Management Salaries
This study provides detailed salary distribution charts for school management positions to expand on the information provided in the Five-Year Review.

School Management Salaries

Substitute Teacher Salaries (daily rate)
This report helps districts with comparing and determining appropriate substitute teacher compensation.

Salaries, Substitute Teacher


Board Operations
Conducted every three years, this survey compiles information on how boards operate, engage the community and provide opportunities for student representation. The next update to this report will occur in 2024.

Board Operations Survey

School Board Election
School directors of Pennsylvania public school boards are elected by three methods:  at-large plan, a regional plan or a combination. Statewide figures are compiled overall and by community type.

School Board Election

School Director Profile
This PSBA survey is conducted every four years and is used to provide a profile of the “typical” Pennsylvania school director. The next update to this report will occur in 2026.

School Director Profile