The PSBA Bulletin is an award-winning publication with a circulation of more than 13,000, reaching virtually 100% of Pennsylvania's educational decision makers.
Editorial and advertising policy

The granting of PSBA Partner and the acceptance of advertising in this publication do not necessarily constitute and endorsement by the Pennsylvania School Boards Association for products and services offered by the advertisers. Official positions and services endorsed by PSBA will be clearly stated and noted in this publication. Opinions by authors do not necessarily reflect positions of PSBA. The association reserves the right to reject or take corrective action on ads submitted that are of poor quality, do not meet specifications or are deemed inappropriate for publication in the PSBA Bulletin.

Cancellation policy

If payment is not made as indicated, the contract may be cancelled by PSBA. It is understood and agreed that if the advertisement is discontinued by the advertiser before the expiration date of the contract, the advertiser will pay for the insertions already published. The editor and PSBA executive director reserve the right to cancel the contract or reject any advertisement that is deemed inappropriate for publication in the Bulletin. PSBA reserves the right to position advertisements in the Bulletin.

For more information, contact Megan Orehek, Director of Marketing and Communications at or 717-506-2450, ext. 3500.