This week was hazardous and deadly for kids at bus stops across the U.S.

At least five crashes across the nation this week have hurt or killed children and adults at school bus stops — one week after National School Bus Safety Week. Many of the accidents are the result of drivers going around stopped buses that have their lights on and a “stop” sign arm on display… More

How Pittsburgh-area classrooms are addressing Squirrel Hill massacre with students

Conversations played out in classrooms throughout the region and country, as teachers did what they could to address the massacre and provide assurances while processing their own shock and grief. The question that seemed to arise again and again: When will it stop? Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Oct… More

It’s not just Trump: Education a big issue in 2018. ‘No candidate wants to be seen as stingy’

Hot-button issues like immigration and guns might be commanding more attention, but in Pennsylvania and around the country, education has become a major player in state elections. Philadelphia Inquirer, Oct… More

School attendance can determine district quality

With the implementation of the Future Ready PA Index this year, districts throughout the region are noticing even more that absenteeism could impede student success. Ellwood City Ledger, Oct… More

Local school districts receive $25,000 safety grants

The School Safety and Security Committee recently approved $12.4 million in school safety grants for 496 school districts. Per Act 44 of 2018, interested school districts submitted applications to the Committee to be eligible for $25,000., Oct… More

PA bill would open major school-construction projects to competitive bidding

Citing a study that shows schools across Pennsylvania have wasted tens of millions in taxpayer dollars on roofing projects, a state legislator has introduced a bill to open major construction projects to competitive bidding. Philadelphia Inquirer, Oct… More

The Slaughter in Pittsburgh Is Horrifying. What Can Schools Do to Prevent Another?

Antisemitism is on the rise, young people know less about the Holocaust than older adults, and only a handful of states mandate by law the teaching of the Holocaust and genocide. What should schools be doing about this? EducationWeek, Oct… More

Five ways to make classrooms more inclusive

Studies have shown LGBTQ students are more likely to be bullied at school, which can lead to missed classes and a higher risk of suicide. For those kids, a teacher who knows how to be inclusive — or how to “queer” the classroom, as some refer to it — can make a big difference… More

North Carolina school shooting spotlights importance of family reunification plans

The incident sparked many questions: What changes can the district make to keep guns out of its buildings? Can schools make any changes to ensure students report concerns about issues like bullying? And, after crises like shootings and natural disasters are resolved, are schools prepared to handle all of the logistical hurdles that come next? More

Halloween, ‘harvest festival’ or nothing at all? At local schools, celebrations are all over the map

Some schools are all in for Halloween, with parades, classroom parties, and costume contests. But others have chosen to downplay the holiday, either skipping celebrations or hosting “harvest festivals” or alternate parties, in a nod to students who don't mark Oct. 31 as anything special. Philadelphia Inquirer, Oct… More