Community school trying to break cycle of poverty

While the term “community school” may bring to mind a place, it’s better understood as an equity strategy, one that helps children in high-poverty schools keep up with peers in middle-class schools. Associated Press, Nov… More

Eight businesses partner to make Diehl Elementary a community school

The United Way of Erie County’s community school strategy — an effort to pair community and educational resources for student success — will soon be implemented at an eighth school in Erie County. Erie News-Times, Nov… More

American Education Week celebrates schools, teachers

American Education Week has been celebrated nationally every year since 1921. Rich Askey, vice president of the Pennsylvania State Education Association, called public schools the cornerstones of the communities they serve, welcoming students of all backgrounds and abilities. He said the success of those schools depends on everyone who plays a part… More

Protected: School Safety and Security Exchange, Handouts

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post… More

Advocates hope Gov. Wolf uses decisive election victory to seek large school funding boost

In his first term, Wolf’s focus was on investing more money into public education, but on the campaign trail this year he was tight-lipped about his specific plans moving forward. So the big questions now are: How much of a boost will he seek? And how will he pay for it? WHYY, Nov… More

‘We’re bringing education back’: Takeaways from the election

An education-centric take on the midterms, with big results in some key states. NPR, Nov… More

Money the top education theme in state midterm elections

Funding was the prime education theme in this year's state midterm elections, fueling debates over teacher pay and more money for local schools, as well as testing voters' appetite for tax hikes to raise that money. Education Week, Nov. 12, 2018 (Subscription may be required… More

How to make schools safer? District ideas range from security equipment to hiring police officers

A portion of Pennsylvania’s historic $70 million investment in school and community safety will soon make its way into school district coffers with many districts interested in using that money to buy security technology and equipment and visitor ID systems. Pennlive, Nov… More

What does personalized learning mean? Whatever people want it to

Personalized learning has a big problem. Inside America's schools, the term is used to mean just about anything. For some, such variety is reason for optimism. But skeptics warn such loose explanations could lead the movement down a well-worn path toward incoherence and ineffectiveness. Education Week, Nov. 8, 2018 (Subscription may be required… More

Build on finance, policy, board culture skills at Applied School Director Training

Three convenient locations in December and January Take the next step in your professional development with Applied School Director Training… More