Education statistics: Facts about American schools

How many K-12 public schools, districts, and students are there? What does the American student population look like? And how much are we, as a nation, spending on the education of these youth? These data points can give perspective to the implications and potential impact of education policies… More

School Law Information Exchange, Public Sector Arbitration Newsletters (2018)

Volume 55, 2018 Download the complete SLIE-PSA Index for Volume 55, 2018. Issue 22, Dec. 14 — In this issue School Law Central Dauphin School District v. Hawkins, 2018 WL 6441638 (Pa. Cmwlth. 2018) Williams v. Pennridge School District, 2018 WL 6413314 (E.D. Pa. 2018) In Short Wolk v… More

Podcast: Kindness and Compassion vs. Bullying and Violence: A Sustainable Solution for Schools

Recorded recently at the 2018 School Leadership Conference, Keystone Education Radio host Annette Stevenson talks with keynote speaker, Darrell Scott, writer and founder of Rachel’s Challenge. Creating a school climate less susceptible to harassment, bullying and violence is possible… More

Battle over school tax hike in PA district to be heard in state court

In a case with potential statewide ramifications, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has decided a legal fight over school taxes in Lower Merion Township will be heard on its merits. WITF, Dec… More

Study says 2018 worst year for gun incidents in schools nationwide

The past year has seen 93 gun-related incidents in K-12 schools across the United States, the highest number since recording began in 1970 and more than double the number of shootings in 2017. Philadelphia Inquirer, Dec… More

The Why: As black teachers’ numbers drop in Philly, a look at why that matters

Studies indicate that when black students are taught by black teachers, it can have a profound effect on their lives. Yet in Pennsylvania, you could drive from north to south through an entire swath of the middle of the state and not find a single public school with a teacher of color… More

Sleepless no more In Seattle — Later school start time pays off for teens

In Seattle, the district moved the official start times for middle and high schools nearly an hour later, from 7:50 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. Researchers at the University of Washington studied the high school students both before and after the start-time change. Their findings appear in a study published Wednesday in the journal Science Advances… More

Federal school safety commission will call for scrapping Obama discipline guidance, report says

The Federal School Safety Commission's report is expected to recommend scrapping an Obama-era rule aimed at making sure that students of color aren't disciplined more harshly, or more often than their peers, the Washington Post has reported. Education Week, Dec. 10, 2018 (Subscription may be required… More

Smart Talk: Broadband access not available everywhere in PA

The Federal Communications Commission estimates about 800,000 Pennsylvanians lack access to Broadband. However, a recent Penn State study finds the number much higher at 11 million people as defined by the Federal Communications Commission… More

State offers positive budget update, but opinions conflict on what’s ahead

With six months left in the fiscal year, state lawmakers are already looking ahead to potentially difficult budget discussions. However, disagreements have surfaced on what exactly the fiscal situation will be when the time comes. WITF, Dec… More