Wolf vetoes bills on debt, price gouging, ag education

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is vetoing bills that recently passed the Legislature dealing with public debt, price gouging during emergencies and agricultural education. Associated Press, Oct… More

Governor’s race: Two Yorkers, two very different visions for PA

Election Day is less than two weeks away, and as Pennsylvania voters contemplate whether to keep their progressive leader or take a right turn, only one thing is certain: The next governor will be a millionaire from York County. York Dispatch, Oct… More

Pittsburgh Public Schools board nixes proposal to arm school police with guns

Pittsburgh Public Schools will not be arming its school police officers with guns… More

School transportation funding mistakes hurting classrooms, auditor says

Poor record keeping could be leading to a lack of funding for Pennsylvania schools. Auditor General Eugene DePasquale said his office is looking into school transportation funds, and the numbers just don't add up. WeAreCentralPA.com, Oct… More

Commentary: How history class divides us

Americans are increasingly polarized and public distrust in government is at record levels. What if the inability of Americans to agree on our shared history — and the right way to teach it — is a cause of our current polarization rather than a symptom? Education Week, Oct. 24, 2018 (Subscription may be required… More

Results: One-third 11th graders not proficient in algebra, biology

Roughly one-third of the state’s 11th-graders failed to demonstrate proficiency on the state’s Keystone Exams for algebra and biology, the state Department of Education announced Tuesday. Students did slightly better in literature, with just more than one-quarter of students failing to demonstrate proficiency on the test. Sunbury Daily Item, Oct… More

Grandparenting help in wake of opioid epidemic

Grandparents taking responsibility for raising their grandchildren in Pennsylvania have new help available to them under two pieces of legislation signed into law Tuesday by Gov. Tom Wolf. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Oct… More

NJM brings ‘Share the Keys’ parent/teen driver safety program to Pennsylvania

NJM Insurance Group (NJM), one of the Mid-Atlantic Region’s leading teen driver safety advocates, announced today that it is expanding its nationally recognized, award-winning teen driver safety program to Pennsylvania. The program is available at no cost to high schools through a partnership with the Pennsylvania DUI Association. Associated Press, Oct… More

School Bus Safety Week

About 1.5 million kids ride school buses in Pennsylvania every day. Parents put their trust in bus drivers to get them there safely. This week is National Bus Safety Week. PAHomePage.com, Oct… More

Commentary: Report says Trump administration moves to define gender under Title IX; could affect transgender students

The Trump administration is considering a move to define the concept of sex under Title IX in a way that could essentially deny the existence of transgender people, including transgender students in the nation's schools, the New York Times reports. Education Week, Oct. 22, 2018 (Subscription may be required… More