States move to restrict parents’ refusal to vaccinate their kids

All U.S. states require most parents to vaccinate their children against some preventable diseases, including measles, mumps, rubella and whooping cough, to be able to attend school. Such laws often apply to children in private schools and day care facilities as well as public schools. NPR, Feb… More

How school districts are grappling with translation services for increasingly diverse populations

All schools are federally required to provide translation and interpretation services for families, which is becoming more challenging given the linguistic diversity, and strain on school resources. WESA, Feb… More

Bills target cyber costs

Proposed legislation would provide financial relief for school districts but could dismantle the cyber charter industry, officials say. Altoona Mirror, Feb… More

Grant program assists rural schools

The Small, Rural Schools Achievement Program (SRSA) from the U.S. Dept of Education is accepting applications for grants through April 26. Funding is formula based and only available to previously designated districts, as outlined in the spreadsheet linked in the grant summary… More

Gov. Tom Wolf wants to offer first-of-its-kind college tuition benefit to PA National Guard member families

Gov. Tom Wolf wants to break new ground with a new incentive program to entice members of the Pennsylvania National Guard to re-enlist for six years by offering them a tuition assistance plan for their spouses or children. PennLive, Feb… More

Video EDition: The story data tells

In our latest installment of Video EDition, learn how you can mine data from the newly released 2019 State of Education report to support public education and your school entity. PSBA Education Policy Analyst Andrew Christ talks with PSBA CEO Nathan Mains about the report’s findings and how to use the data… More

PSBA’s annual report on Pennsylvania daily substitute teacher compensation released

The association's annual report on substitute teacher compensation is now available online. On average, daily substitute teachers in Pennsylvania were paid $98 per day for 2017-18. Of the 484 responding Pennsylvania public school districts, 454 reported a daily rate. The most frequent pay rate (mode) and the median pay rate are $100 per day… More

Save Our Students looks at how area school districts and students deal with mental health issues in our schools (series)

This week The Sentinel takes a Closer Look at how area school districts and students deal with mental health issues in schools. Topics include social media, teacher training, student assistance and more. Carlisle Sentinel, Feb… More

Cyber-charter reform group: Luzerne County districts would save $5.9M under plan

Cyber-charter schools are authorized through the state, but funded through payments made by the school district in which each student lives. District officials frequently complain the amount of money paid per student is not justified, and they do not save an equal amount of money if a student leaves the district to attend a cyber-charter… More

Lawmakers set to do legwork for truancy law changes

Two Berks County lawmakers from different parties have agreed to seek changes in a three-year-old state truancy law with the hope of eliminating the jailing of adults who are cited for truancy. Reading Eagle, Feb… More