Parkland students are still going strong. Their message to students: vote

As it matures over the course of its months-long Road to Change tour through the United States this summer, the March for Our Lives movement’s broad goal of ending gun violence is increasingly focused on voting, one of the most essential of all civic responsibilities. Education Week, Aug. 3, 2018 (Subscription may be required… More

This map shows the states where the student loan crisis hits the hardest

Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Minnesota and Massachusetts rounded out the top six states with the highest average amount of undergraduate student debt: Recent grads in these states carry over $31,500 on average., Aug… More

Opinion: Cutting through the Wolf/Wagner school-funding war | John Baer

Let’s start with two things: First, Scott Wagner is wrong when he says Gov. Wolf wants to cut funding to rural schools to give more to urban schools… More

More schools banning backpacks as students return to class

As parents and children around the country begin heading back to class, more and more schools are banning backpacks from their buildings. CBS Channel 3, Aug… More

Back-to-School: International Baccalaureate programs catch on in US schools

For decades, many U.S. high schools have offered a range of college-level Advanced Placement courses to allow high achievers to shine above and beyond a standard diploma. But there’s another standard that many schools have adopted: the International Baccalaureate. Associated Press, Aug… More

No shortage of fall races for Pennsylvania voters to ponder

Midterm elections under a revamped congressional district map are certain to help transform Pennsylvania's delegation to Congress this fall. Associated Press, Aug… More

Understanding market movement percentages can help with salary decisions

School districts are frequently challenged with pay practice decisions as they relate to how the broader competitive market adjusts over time. Having a sound system as a foundation can alleviate these concerns and create guidance for a systematic approach toward pay decisions. PSBA assists in this process by publishing market movement percentages annually… More

What five American teachers learned from Germany’s education system

This summer, five of the country's top teachers went to Germany. They visited a private school in Berlin, and toured a vocational training program at a Siemens plant in Berlin… More

Ready Set Go Kindergarten reinforces early childhood education

Early formative childhood education is important for kids and their families. WITF and other community organizations believe that it is an imperative for businesses and communities, as well. WITF, Aug… More

Jo Anne Yarnall, West Chester SD (Chester Co.)

Jo Anne was born and raised in West Chester, PA and began driving a school bus for Krapf Bus Company when she was 19 years old.  10 years later she moved into the office as a driver supervisor while still driving when needed… More