PSBA to air ‘Budget Talk’ with Governor Wolf on Tuesday

On Tuesday, February 11 at noon, PSBA will air an exclusive, members-only, 30-minute budget talk with Gov. Wolf and CEO Nathan Mains. Registration is required, but there is no cost. Register now on myPSBA… More

The Pennsylvania School Boards Association Responds to the Governor’s 2020-2021 Budget 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Media Contact: Annette Stevenson Chief Communications Officer 717.506.2450 ext. 3315  Tuesday, February 4,2020 [Mechanicsburg, PA] - On behalf of the 4500 locally elected officials it represents, the Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA) responds to Governor Wolf’s proposed 2020-21 state budget on particular key issues that will impact our public schools… More

Adopt the 2020 resolution for charter school funding reform

In this legislative session, PSBA has been leading the charge with the Senate, House of Representatives and the Governor’s Administration to push for positive charter reform… More

Charter school tuition is now biggest budget pressure for school districts

PSBA announced that the results from the recently completed 2020 State of Education survey show that more than 70% of school districts identified mandatory charter school tuition costs as one of their biggest sources of budget pressure… More

Charter school tuition now surpassing pension costs as the biggest challenge for district budgets

For Immediate Release PSBA Media Contact: Annette Stevenson, chief communications officer  717.506.2450 ext. 3315 (Mechanicsburg, PA) Thursday, January 30, 2020 – The Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA) announces today, highlights of the recently conducted 2020 State of Education survey… More

PSBA President discusses upcoming initiatives

In the latest episode of Video EDition, 2020 PSBA President Eric Wolfgang discusses priorities for his year of leadership. Watch the video here… More

Summary of House Bill 1897

Quick summary: House Bill 1897 (Rep. Sonney, R-Erie) requires school districts to offer full-time cyber education programs by the 2021-22 school year. Overall, the proposal would require all districts to provide one full-time cyber education program and offer two alternative programs from third-party vendors… More

One more date left for New and Advanced School Director Training

PSBA offers you high-impact, engaging live training that newly elected and reseated school directors can attend to be certified in new and advanced required training. There is one session remaining on February 3 (Monaca, PA). Learn more and register now… More

Guest substitutes help fill the gap as the number of teachers declines

The guest substitutes help school districts while at the same time giving a flexible option to people who seek part-time work, are potentially interested in pursuing careers in education or want to work with children in their communities… More

Plan for new teacher evaluations would limit impact of standardized tests

The current system — created by Aument's 2012 bill — is based half on in-class observation and half on students' performance on standardized testing. The new iteration would change that to 70% observation and 30% testing… More