Examine how your school district’s budget compares with state averages

Each year, PSBA compiles a budget study designed to help school officials as they prepare to submit the annual school budget to the Pennsylvania Department of Education… More

National News: Unlearning is often a part of effective teaching

Sometimes educational practices need to change either because they are not working, because approaches to education have shifted to meet new goals or because technology has changed the landscape. But adapting to new ideas often requires that old notions be unlearned… More

National News: Ed-tech problems open doors for entrepreneurs to solve them

These three CEOs are part of an expanding cadre of ed-tech founder/leaders who each wanted to solve a specific problem in K-12 education. Here are the stories of how three ed-tech CEOs identified a problem and tried to correct it. Education Week, May 21, 2019 (Subscription may be required… More

National News: Tech advances, automation fueling employers’ demand for ‘soft skills’

Attention to detail. Oral and written communication. Problem Solving. Resilience. Empathy. Integrity. Skills like these are often known as “soft skills” — in contrast to things that sound more academically grounded, like computational ability or scientific reasoning. They aren't easy to capture on standardized tests, or even in grading… More

A roundup of some key races in Pennsylvania’s primary

Here's a look at the winners in key races in Pennsylvania's primary… More

Video EDition: Rep. Mike Tobash discusses career & tech ed. legislation HB 522

Rep. Mike Tobash (R – Schuylkill, Dauphin) and PSBA Chief Advocacy Officer John Callahan discuss House Bill 522, legislation that would provide tax credits for businesses that contribute to career and technical education programs in participating public schools and career and technical education centers… More

Urban district leaders protest proposed charter law changes, call for more funds

Leaders of 10 urban school districts in Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia Superintendent William Hite, traveled to the State Capitol this week to oppose pending charter school legislation that they say would wreck their capacity to plan financially and weaken their ability to monitor charters’ performance… More

65 years after ‘Brown v. Board,’ where are all the black educators?

Sixty-five years ago this week, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that racial segregation of children in public schools was unconstitutional. Brown also had an unintended consequence, the effects of which are still felt today: It caused the dismissal, demotion, or forced resignation of many experienced, highly credentialed black educators who staffed black-only schools… More

PSBA’s webcast on PSERS now online

A recording of PSBA's April 30 webcast, Teaching the Facts and Dispelling the Myths is now available on myPSBA in the Online Learning section. Experts from PSERS outline the Public School Employees’ Retirement System (PSERS), how it is funded and the history of how the employer rate has risen to its current level… More

PA education secretary visits two Philly schools

Pedro Rivera, the Pennsylvania secretary of education, visited two Philadelphia elementary schools Wednesday. Rivera stopped by the Morton McMichael School and the Paul L. Dunbar School to learn more about what's working there for the students and craft suggestions as to how to improve schools across the state… More