Does ‘redshirting’ actually benefit kids? Inside the big kindergarten readiness decision parents make

Redshirting was originally popularized in college sports: Coaches would keep athletes out of competition for a year to develop their skills and extend eligibility. When it comes to kindergarten readiness, the hotly debated practice is most common among parents of kids with summer birthdays. Philadelphia Inquirer, Aug… More

How to design schools in era of mass shootings

For school designers and architects, the current debate about how to make schools safer focuses too much on add-on measures. WFMZ, Aug… More

Bills and bulletproof backpacks: Safety measures for a new school year

Parents, schools and lawmakers are acting on their safety concerns. They're beefing up security and looking at ways to identify potential threats. Some parents are even investing in bulletproof school supplies. NPR, Aug… More

Should high-schoolers learn to stop traumatic bleeding? The feds think so

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security plans to award $1.8 million in grants for the development of “School-Age Trauma Training” programs to teach students how to respond to traumatic hemorrhaging during “mass casualty events,” including school shootings, the Young Turks,a left-leaning commentary site, first reported Monday. Education Week, Aug. 14, 2018 (Subscription may be required… More

Most new charter schools were actually approved by school districts. That’s changing

Here's a little-known fact: in many states, school districts have the power to open and close charter schools… More

Failing the Future: School funding inequities

The crisis of funding public education is imminent as the court is set to look into how Pennsylvania funds public education and if it violates the State Constitution. In this series, we explore deepening inequities across school districts and ask: Will the school funding crisis in PA ever be solved? Public Source, Aug… More

Pittsburgh Public eyes expansion of community schools as first five take shape

Pittsburgh Langley K-8 has a new closet for students who need clothes or “school appropriate” attire. It also has a new backpack program, providing snacks and other supplies to students who need them… More

More Schools Are Using Anonymous Tip Lines to Thwart Violence. Do They Work?

Students can reduce the already slim chances of an attack on their school if they anonymously share tips about violence, threats, and bullying through a smart phone app or a quick phone call. Education Week, Aug. 10, 2018 (Subscription may be required… More

Redistricting reformers looking outside the box for legislative options

After a year of campaigning and months of legislative debate, it's likely too late for state lawmakers to pass a constitutional amendment overhauling Pennsylvania's redistricting process before the next map-redrawing gets underway in 2021. WITF, Aug… More

‘It doesn’t have to be a radical change’: Popular Mechanics focuses on school safety

A new report from Popular Mechanics focuses on school safety nationwide. The report, called The Popular Mechanics Guide To Safer Schools, was published earlier this month. WTAE, Aug… More