Athletic co-ops have pros, cons

A common argument against co-ops — either in athletics or band — is that participation from the non-host school in the co-op would quickly dwindle. And there is anecdotal evidence to back that up. Meadville Tribune, Aug… More

With danger of concussions better known, high school football programs take notice

As research continues into the effect of concussions and other head injuries on former NFL players, the effects – and some of the worry – are trickling down to the high school level, where more attention is being paid to the injury and players, coaches, trainers and officials are adapting. Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Aug… More

Editorial: Guns, crumbling buildings: School safety requires an enlightened approach

We take note of that to underscore that “school safety” is a very broad subject, one that can easily be colored by current events. In the aftermath of a school shooting, the physical and emotional safety of students is critical. Philadelphia Inquirer, Aug… More

USDA releases income eligibility guidelines for free and reduced school meals

The Pennsylvania Department of Education today announced that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently released federal income eligibility guidelines for free and reduced-price school meals and free milk for July 2018–June 2019. WPMT Channel 43, Aug… More

PA education secretary visits Juniata

By participating in a School Improvement pilot program, Juniata County School District has helped shape some practices throughout the commonwealth in terms of meeting student needs in rural communities, Pennsylvania Secretary of Education Pedro Rivera told school staff Tuesday. Lewistown Sentinel, Aug… More

‘The spores move about very quickly’: Air quality, mold issues not just an issue in schools

School district after school district in the past couple of weeks have found themselves dealing with mold issues. CBS Channel 2, Aug… More

Most people wouldn’t want their child to become a teacher, poll finds

A growing number of people say teacher salaries are too low and that they would not support their children entering the teaching profession, a new national survey finds. Education Week, Aug, 27, 2018 (Subscription may be required… More

With $92 million in grants, Gates Foundation launches newest strategy to improve K-12 schools

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has announced more than $90 million in grants to support networks of schools' work to help students of color and low-income students into college — marking its first major wave of K-12 giving since announcing a significant change in direction last fall… More

Some midstate schools take precautions to prevent spread of measles

Students in Pennsylvania schools are required by the state health department to have both doses of the vaccine — which includes measles, mumps and rubella — and must have at least one dose by the first day of school. If they do not, they risk possible exclusion unless they have a philosophical or religious exemption… More

Has there been a return to ‘pauper schools’ in Pennsylvania? A brief history of public education in the state

Does every student in Pennsylvania have the right to the same quality of education regardless of the wealth of their family and community? That question is at the heart of the debate expected to take place in Commonwealth Court in the coming year as a result of a lawsuit whose plaintiffs seek to get the… More