2019 NSBA Conference in Philly – a Weekend of Opportunity

The national conference kicked-off this weekend with a welcome or two from our own PSBA President David Hutchinson (pictured left) at the Delegate Assembly and the Opening General Session, leading into some fantastic insights from top keynotes and session presenters… More

Like Parkland, Downingtown, PA, faced a teen suicide cluster. Here’s what schools can do

After two student survivors of the mass shooting in Parkland, FL, took their lives this month, high school and community officials there are urgently searching for ways to prevent more loss… More

Use of technology in education continues to increase

Whether it's online, in the classroom, a makerspace or outside the school building, technology is part of today's education… More

Feds tell Pennsylvania to overhaul alternative education programs

Six years after the original complaint was filed by the Education Law Center, the U.S. Department of Justice has worked out an agreement with the Pennsylvania Department of Education that recognizes discriminatory practices in the state’s vast “alternative education” complex for students who have disciplinary infractions… More

Will a bipartisan slate of technical education bills actually do anything?

Pennsylvania's Democrats and Republicans have come to a rare detente on at least one economic issue: boosting career and technical education in a bid to get people into higher-paying jobs… More

No substitute: School administrators struggle to find coverage for classes

On many days in schools, administrators search for class coverage. Some schools combine classes, leading to 50 students or more in the same room. Principals pull teachers from planning periods, often at an added expense… More

Court rules in favor of high school student in free speech rights case

A federal court has ruled in favor of a Schuylkill County high school student's free speech rights… More

Despite court fix, gerrymandering remains controversial issue at Capitol

A state Supreme Court decision made gerrymandering one of the dominant stories in Pennsylvania politics in 2018. The ruling, which forced a change in the state's congressional district map, led to a dramatic shift in Pennsylvania's 18-member Congressional delegation with Democrats picking up four seats… More

Pennsylvania leaders take on the state’s rural broadband crisis

As Pennsylvanians face a dramatic shortage of rural broadband access, the Centre Daily Times and the Knight Foundation are driving a discussion on the digital divide: what it means for our communities, how it developed and how to fix it… More

New program gives Pennsylvania newborns a head start to college

State treasurer Joe Torsella announced the new Keystone Scholars program in front of toddlers at the Prodigy Learning Center on Hunting Park Avenue. The program puts $100 into the 529 college account of every child born or adopted in Pennsylvania, after Jan. 1, 2019… More