Rep. Sappey to introduce trauma informed education legislation

State Rep. Christina Sappey, D-Chester, and Rep. Ryan Mackenzie, R-Lehigh/Berks, will be introducing legislation aimed at creating trauma-informed school environments in Pennsylvania… More

PA lawmakers consider staffing of school nurses, counselors

A bill introduced in the General Assembly would bring more nurses into Pennsylvania public schools. The legislation would cut the maximum ratio of students to school nurses in half, and establish minimum staffing requirements for other professionals who work with students… More

‘Run, Hide, Fight’ mindset making way into US schools

The actions of students who died tackling gunmen at two U.S. campuses a week apart have been hailed as heroic. At a growing number of schools around the country, they also reflect guidance to students, at least in some situations, to do what they can to disrupt shootings… More

PA upholds TL records appeal for Crestwood documents

In a ruling that could have statewide implications, the state Office of Open Records rejected arguments the Crestwood School District used to justify redacting financial information from state forms, upholding a Times Leader appeal and ordering the district to release unredacted Statements of Financial Interest for current school board members… More

PA Board of Education supports age changes for starting school, dropping out

Pennsylvania’s State Board of Education is giving its support to proposals by Gov. Tom Wolf to require students start schooling by age 6 and continue until they’re at least 18… More

Debate over transgender student rights in Elanco School District

There is a debate in one Lancaster County community following a school district's adoption of a privacy policy. The school board in the Eastern Lancaster County School District approved a policy that in which it is recommended that students use the facilities that match their biological sex until private facilities can be built… More

All six Adams school districts demand cyber funding reform

On the playing field, Adams County’s six public school districts compete with one another. But one topic — funding for cyber charter schools — united school officials during a public forum Thursday night, said Gettysburg Times Managing Editor Alex Hayes, who moderated. Gettysburg Times, May 10, 2019 (Subscription may be required… More

‘We need to stop it before it happens:’ Bipartisan House coalition rolls out new school safety measures

Barely a day after America’s latest school shooting, a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives introduced a package of bills that they say could help stop future acts of violence before they happen… More

Transgender teens in schools with bathroom restrictions at higher risk of sexual assault, study says

Transgender and gender-nonbinary teens are at greater risk of sexual assault at schools that deny them access to bathrooms or locker rooms that match their sexual identity, according to a new study. Researchers analyzed data from 3,673 adolescents in the LGBTQ Teen Study, an anonymous web-based survey of U.S. kids ages 13 to 17… More

Hybrid pension plan options popular with PA’s new state government employees

Nearly 2,500 state government employees hired in the first three months of this year were among the first in the commonwealth workforce to get a taste of pension choice… More