Virginia school district split over ending transgender bathroom ban

A Virginia school district that has drawn national attention for its transgender bathroom ban appeared starkly divided Tuesday over the prospect of ending the policy… More

2019 State of Education report now online

The 2019 State of Education report is now available on in PDF format. The report is a barometer of not only the key indicators of public school performance, but also the challenges schools face and how they are coping with them… More

Podcast: Early Intervention and Suicide Prevention in Schools

As part of our overall focus on safe, secure and healthy school environments, and as second in our series on suicide prevention; this episode is focused on the importance of early intervention and upstream approaches. To help us understand this complex and potentially grave topic, we’ll talk with Dr… More

April 29 is your day on the Hill!

All PSBA-member school directors are invited to attend Advocacy Day at the state Capitol in Harrisburg to meet face to face with legislators on issues affecting public education. This year PSBA will be partnering with the Pennsylvania Association of Intermediate Units (PAIU) and Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators (PASA) to strengthen our advocacy impact… More

Report: Special education students getting shortchanged by state

The pattern is the same in every local district: Special education spending rose faster than the state’s contribution to the cost. And Education Law Center data shows it is a statewide trend… More

PA’s school threat system fields thousands of tips in first month

A threat reporting system now required for all Pennsylvania schools fielded more than 4,900 tips in its first month, about a third of them considered serious enough to pass along to local police and school officials. Associated Press, Feb… More

What are local school districts doing to keep kids safe?

KDKA surveyed 100 school districts in Southwestern Pennsylvania to find out where they stand on school safety. CBS Channel 2, Feb… More

Under Gov. Tom Wolf’s plan, one PA school district would receive $693,000 to raise teacher salaries

In Pennsylvania, the majority of school districts pay all their teachers more than $45,000 a year. So those districts wouldn’t receive any money under Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposal to make $45,000 the minimum salary for teachers. But a few dozen districts would receive hundreds of thousands of dollars to boost teacher salaries. PA Post, Feb… More

How much money does your school district get in Gov. Tom Wolf’s 2019-20 budget proposal?

To more fairly compare the amount of state aid for basic education each district would receive under the governor’s 2019-20 proposal to this year’s funding, PennLive combined the basic education and block grant funding each district received this year in this searchable database to arrive at the percentage difference. PennLive, Feb… More

How much would your school district get to boost minimum pay for teachers? Use this database

Gov. Tom Wolf has proposed raising the statewide minimum salary for teachers in public school districts. He wants to raise the minimum from the current $18,500 set in 1989 to $45,000. He included this priority in his state budget address. PennLive, Feb… More