The Story Data Tells: March 6 Twitter Town Hall

PSBA will host a Twitter Town Hall discussion on: The Story Data Tells: a Picture of PA Public Education, March 6 from 12:30-1:30 p.m. Join the Q&A discussion on Twitter (@PSBA) with leading education policy analyst and researcher on the 2019 State of Education report, Andy Christ… More

Podcast: Understanding the generations with Chuck Underwood

Talking with author, speaker, consultant and generational studies authority Chuck Underwood, this episode is centered around today’s living generations and pre-generation (the current K-12 student populace) and how they communicate, learn, live, and work based on distinct core values and experiences. Listen online or with your favorite podcast app… More

Education group wants Wolf to prevent Corbett-appointed charter school board from making rulings

A leading education organization is calling on Gov. Tom Wolf to prevent a state board from ruling on charter school appeals until he works with the state Senate to fill its six seats… More

Proposed law could save Pennsylvania school districts money, but be ‘death knell’ for cyber charters

Proposed legislation in Harrisburg would save some Lehigh Valley school districts millions of dollars each year in cyber charter tuition, but could leave the online schools in a dire state and hinder school choice for parents and students… More

Wolf’s plan to boost teacher salaries faces skepticism in state House

Lawmakers from the powerful state House Appropriations Committee cast doubt on the fate of Governor Tom Wolf's proposal to set the state's teacher-salary minimum at $45,000 a year… More

Representatives needed for PIAA positions

PSBA seeks members interested in serving as the school board representative to their local PIAA District Committee (12 positions) and a representative of the membership to serve on the PIAA Board of Directors (1 position). Click here to download applications for both positions and get more details… More

Wolf promotes proposal to fund high-speed internet expansion

Pennsylvania's governor is promoting a statewide infrastructure plan as a way to fund the expansion of broadband into areas that lack high-speed access to the internet… More

Education: School security guards ‘not authorized to possess a firearm’

Every school district in Pennsylvania received a memo last week from the Pennsylvania Department of Education… More

States move to restrict parents’ refusal to vaccinate their kids

All U.S. states require most parents to vaccinate their children against some preventable diseases, including measles, mumps, rubella and whooping cough, to be able to attend school. Such laws often apply to children in private schools and day care facilities as well as public schools. NPR, Feb… More

How school districts are grappling with translation services for increasingly diverse populations

All schools are federally required to provide translation and interpretation services for families, which is becoming more challenging given the linguistic diversity, and strain on school resources. WESA, Feb… More