Hearing explores lack of rural broadband access

As put by state Rep. Cris Dush, R-Brookville, it’s an area of lush forests and streams … and a broadband desert… More

National News: Self-regulation lessons can be embedded with academic skills

Educators can support students in developing skills that teach them how to guide themselves and focus on goals, valuable skills they can use throughout their lives, Rutgers Social-Emotional and Character Development Lab Director and Professor of Psychology Maurice J. Elias writes for Edutopia. Education Dive, Aug… More

National News: National study shows how a simple ‘growth mindset’ exercise lifted students’ GPAs

Any student’s self-confidence can take a hit at the start of high school. Yet giving students even a brief opportunity to understand and reflect on their mindsets for learning can make them likelier to challenge themselves and improve, finds a new national study in the journal Nature. Education Week, Aug… More

Innovation schools? Why a new category of school in PA?

Amid a flurry of action before summer recess this year, state lawmakers created a new category of public school — with little warning or open debate — that seems designed to benefit one charter school in Philadelphia. They're called “innovation schools… More

National News: Today’s assignment for classroom design — flexibility

Desks lined up in precise rows with teacher firmly planted at the front: That was the standard classroom format for much of the last century. But with many educators saying kids can do better in a more relaxed and flexible learning environment, designers and architects have been providing spaces and furnishings to fit that bill… More

Podcast: Summer Learning Loss and the Long-Term Impact

Storybook summers depict kids swimming, biking and climbing trees with friends, but how does this fit into the topic of summer learning loss and the opportunity gap? Creating meaningful and productive summer months for youth does not automatically equate to the traditional summer school model with kids confined to classrooms… More

Schooled: Last Chance High

El Centro de Estudiantes is an alternative program in Kensington for students who are trying to re-engage after dropping out. Most of the 200 students here are considered too old for their grades and too far behind for a normal high school… More

PA educators turn to Secret Service for safety advice

Lori Suski leads the Middletown Area School District in Dauphin County, which hosted a training on Tuesday with the U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center. More than 100 teachers, counselors, administrators and resource officers from about 50 schools participated. The program helps educators identify potential threats, and then intervene in a variety of ways… More

An effective — and cheaper — way to ease the middle-school transition

A new study from education researchers has come up with a deceptively simple yet surprisingly effective way of helping students cope with the infamously stressful transition from elementary to middle school: Let them hear from other kids that, sure, middle school is tough… More

National News: Why the increase in sexual assaults reported by schools?

Among the increases noted in last week's annual crime and violence survey was a jump in the number of schools reporting sexual assault nationwide. Education Week, July 30, 2019 (Subscriptions may be required… More