How much did Gov. Tom Wolf increase the budget? Take your pick

A lot of numbers are thrown around come budget season at the Capitol and even something as simple as Gov. Tom Wolf's total spending is up for interpretation. On paper, the governor's proposals spends about $29.9 billion, a 2.7 percent increase from the current budget… More

Governor wants natural gas tax, but it won’t close Pennsylvania budget gap

Nestled in Gov. Tom Wolf’s ambitious budget address to the Pennsylvania General Assembly Tuesday was a production tax on natural gas.That tax could put a big dent in the state’s gaping deficit, but clearly can’t solve the revenue problem alone… More

Charter school advocates howling mad over Wolf’s budget

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is out to destroy charter schools, and his budget provides evidence, school choice advocates say. On Tuesday, Wolf presented a budget that restores more than $1 billion in public education funding, including $160 million in support for Philadelphia schools. The infusion of cash would effectively close the district’s $80 million deficit… More

Wall Street managers get cut of Pa. pension funds (video included)

Governor Tom Wolf referenced Wall Street twice in his recent budget address and it wasn’t flattering. Wolf’s remarks have touched off a debate in Harrisburg over investing strategies for the state’s largest retirement funds. ABC27… More

Opinion: Meet the House GOP pension prophet ignored by leadership (video included)

So everyone knows that Pennsylvania's $50 billion pension knot is the single biggest policy challenge facing state government this budget season. Enter Rep. John McGinnis, R-Blair, a fiscal conservative, former finance professor and Penn State ph.D, who has a pretty simple (if admittedly painful) plan to get the state out of its pension mess… More

Organizers hope school board forum becomes ongoing event

Organizers of a recent forum on the responsibilities of school board members and how to run for the position want to make the event a recurring one, repeated every two years when school board members are elected in Bucks County. Bucks Co… More

It’s been a good week for Phila. schools

William R. Hite Jr. finds himself in an unusual spot. For the last two winters and springs, he has grappled with Philadelphia School District budget holes in the hundreds of millions. Then, on Tuesday, Gov… More

Legislators prepare for battle over Wolf’s ‘aggressive’ budget

Gov. Tom Wolf’s “aggressive” budget proposal is setting up a political fight between legislative Republicans and his administration that reminds some local representatives of the protracted fiscal battles during the late 2000s… More

Pennsylvania House passes bill to tweak charter school rules

Pennsylvania's charter and cybercharter schools would obtain funding directly from the state Department of Education instead of through local districts as part of a package of changes that was passed Wednesday by the House… More

Charter school advocates think Gov. Tom Wolf is out to shut their schools down

The treatment that Gov. Tom Wolf's education budget gives to charter schools has advocates for these taxpayer-funded independent public schools wondering if he is trying to put them out of business… More