Editorial: PlanCon problems add to district woes

That noise you hear is school leaders scrambling to plan for the possibility of another moratorium on school construction projects, while trying to build their budgets for next school year. We encourage state leaders to support safe learning environments and fix the funding process, rather than complicating local budgets with delays… More

Multiple Choices: How much does Pennsylvania spend on public schools, and how are costs shared?

Listen to this occasional series of podcasts. This one talks about school funding in Pennsylvania. Newsworks… More

Editorial: State control of poorly run schools no solution

It’s hard to believe that anyone would propose that the state of Pennsylvania take over another school district given its abysmal track record in that regard. Yet that is exactly what State Sen. Lloyd Smucker (R… More

Philadelphia charter schools also feel education budget squeeze

Education news in Pennsylvania, home to the nation’s biggest gap in funding for poor and wealthy school districts, has in recent years featured a steady stream of stories about the programs, materials and staff that schools are lacking… More

Norristown Area School District considers alternative way of providing free meals for students

The Norristown Area SD administration is considering pursuing a new avenue for providing free lunches and breakfasts to students in the district… More

Legal Update – Commonwealth Court Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Funding Adequacy

In a unanimous “en banc” decision, the Commonwealth Court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by seven school districts and several parents against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Department of Education, the General Assembly and various state officials challenging the state’s public education funding system as inadequate to satisfy the state constitutional mandate that the “General… More

Suit challenging school funding headed to top Pa. court

A lawsuit contending that Pennsylvania's system of school funding is broken will move to the state's top court, attorneys vowed Tuesday after a lower court dismissed the case brought by school districts, parents, and advocates… More

A plan to make schools perform or be run by Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania's lowest-performing schools could be given an ultimatum – reform quickly, or face relegation to a new, state-run district – under legislation to be introduced soon. The bill, crafted by State Sen. Lloyd Smucker (R., Lancaster), could remake the Philadelphia School District, where most of the struggling schools now reside… More

Top Democratic Senators weigh in on education funding, pension reform and property taxes

Education funding, pension reform and Gov. Tom Wolf's Cabinet nominees were among some of the topics two top Democratic Senators spoke about during an impromptu press conference Tuesday… More

House GOP property tax plan vote delayed in a quest for compromise

A vote on a House Republican-crafted property tax reform plan that was scheduled for Tuesday's House Finance Committee was delayed until early next month. Committee Chairman Bernie O'Neill said the delay came as a last-minute request of House Majority Leader Dave Reed, R-Indiana, who is working on the issue with Gov. Tom Wolf's staff… More