Cyberschools battle legislative threats in Harrisburg

You can’t really blame cyber charter school officials such as Michael Conti for feeling picked on the last few weeks… More

Peters Twp. parents air Common Core complaints before school board

A Peters school board meeting Monday night represented ground zero in the latest battle against educational standards known as Common Core. “This is a bipartisan issue. We want the best for our children,” said parent Katherine Reitz, who opposes the standards. “We have no other agenda… More

Despite demand, women comprise only 11 percent of cyber security workers

Even in the male-dominated world of so-called STEM fields — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — computer science and security careers stand out for having so few women. Females make up about half of the workforce and a quarter of STEM jobs, but they represent just 11 percent of cybersecurity workers… More

Olney Charter HS staff seeks to unionize

A group of teachers and staffers at Olney Charter High School yesterday filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board requesting the federal agency conduct an election that would allow employees to become unionized… More

‘Test-in’ for parents, teachers finds they’re testy about tests

The sticky notes told the story of what some parents and teachers think of standardized tests: Students and teachers are too stressed. Children aren’t seen as a whole. Test preparation takes the place of classes, activities and field trips. Labels based on test performance damage students’ sense of self-worth and limit their opportunities… More

This week’s sparring over school funding a test of leadership for Wolf, Senate GOP

In case you missed it, Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf and majority Senate Republicans have spent much of the past week sparring over education funding. Pennlive… More

State Representative Seth Grove Joins the Next #FairFundingPA chat on Twitter

State Rep. Seth Grove (R-Dover Township) will join the next monthly Twitter chat with Pennsylvania’s major education leadership organizations on Tuesday, April 28 at 8 p.m. Topics will include, but not be limited to: PlanCon, Property Tax, Governor Wolf’s budget proposal and of course the need for a fair, predictable basic education funding formula… More

Pa. charter schools wary of the fine print in Gov. Wolf’s budget

Cautious optimism flutters in the hearts of Pennsylvania educators, but less so among the state's charter schools… More

Editorial: Gov. Tom Wolf’s education secretary puts cart before $400 million horse

If you picked the Powerball jackpot’s winning numbers, how would you spend your newfound fortune? A letter from the state’s acting education secretary basically invites Pennsylvania’s public school superintendents to engage in such fantasizing, a politically motivated exercise that seems destined to waste their time and further divide state lawmakers… More

Editorial: Solving the pension crisis

Gov. Tom Wolf has a plan to lift Pennsylvania from the $50 billion hole that is its public pension crisis. Unfortunately, even if the Republican-controlled Legislature were to roll over on its back and approve the plan as it stands, it’s not enough… More