‘If Harrisburg won’t step up then we will’: Bethlehem school director on budget

The Bethlehem Area School District is targeting a 3 percent to 3.5 percent tax hike as it refines its 2015-16 budget… More

Lawyers file application to end receivership case against the York City School District

The attorneys for the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the York City School Board have filed an application intending to stop the almost three-month long court battle over control of the district. WITF… More

WCASD decries Keystone exams

The West Chester Area School District school board showed its support Monday for a state bill that would eliminate the Keystone Exams. Philly… More

Pa. rep introduces school consolidation bill

Rep. Timothy S. Mahoney (D-Fayette/Somerset) said his proposal, House Bill 840, would amend the Public School Code to mandate consolidation in all counties except Philadelphia, which already has its own unified public school system. ABC27… More

Board lobbies Harrisburg for fair funding formula

In a 7-1 decision Monday, the Spring-Ford Area School Board approved a resolution urging the Pennsylvania Legislature to establish a new funding formula for basic education… More

Wolf says school ratings should be less tied to tests

Pennsylvania's Gov. Wolf intends to steer the state away from school accountability measures that he says place too great an emphasis on standardized test scores. Details of the new plan have not yet been released… More

Grove takes another crack at pension reform

As municipal pension liabilities continue to mount, a York County representative is taking another crack at reforming the system despite having a previous bill die in a House committee last year. This time around, state Rep. Seth Grove, R-Dover, reached across the Susquehanna River to team up with a fellow Republican, Rep… More

Editorial: For pension fixes, get with ‘The Program’

If you haven't followed the years-long struggle to cut the costs of public pensions and shrink the state's now $50 billion-plus unfunded liability, that's OK. You can check in any time. Not much changes. Republicans want to scale back benefits; Democrats don't. Democrats want to borrow to pay down debt… More

Editorial: State needs a comprehensive solution to public pension crisis

The underfunding and precarious status of the state pension system is one of the most pressing problems facing us in Pennsylvania. It impacts every citizen in the commonwealth – not just state or municipal workers… More

‘Everyone wins’: Readers react to GOP proposal to change state pension benefits

A proposal to change the pension benefits for current state employees by Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman has PennLive commenters in a tizzy. Pennlive… More