In three years, a quadrupling of standardized tests opt-outs

Starting in third grade, public school students in Pennsylvania face hours of standardized tests, with scores used to measure progress. But a growing number of parents are getting exemptions for the tests… More

Editorial: Gov. Wolf’s investment in public education is a down payment on a better future

It's been nearly a month since Gov. Tom Wolf unveiled his first state budget, with a promise of immediately restoring the massive $1 billion in cuts that crippled our education system over the last four years… More

Bipartisan property tax reform tangled in partisan Pa. budget debate

Based on some of the political rhetoric pouring from the Capitol, it’s easy to think an expanse the size of Lake Erie separates Democrats and Republicans when it comes to property tax reform… More

Pittsburgh Public Schools ended 2014 with a surplus

After starting 2014 with a budgeted $14.4 million operating deficit, Pittsburgh Public Schools officially has ended the year with a $15.9 million surplus… More

York County school officials push for new funding formula

In South Eastern School District, like many others, local taxpayers fund the vast majority of the cost of education, with the state kicking in about 31 percent, said Rona Kaufmann, South Eastern School District superintendent… More

Midstate schools get a handle on weather-related scheduling headaches

Unless Mother Nature is feeling especially devilish this year, the last snowflakes of the winter may have fallen in central Pennsylvania. Most school districts appear to have learned a few lessons from last year. WITF… More

Pennsylvania poll finds early support for Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget, tax reform aims

It appears Gov. Tom Wolf's far-reaching state budget proposal has passed its first early test: His constituents – as a whole – seem at least open to learning more about it… More

Western Pa. school districts address e-cigarettes

Arlene Bender knows how hard it is to quit smoking. A smoker for more than 40 years, she tried going cold turkey. She tried hypnosis, acupuncture, even medication. Nothing worked. She still smokes 15 Marlboro cigarettes a day… More

Editorial: We agree – Pa. needs to make cyber-charter school reform a priority

In a recent column for, state Sen. Sean Wiley D-Erie, wrote about how his proposal to create a competitive bidding process for cyber-education in the Commonwealth would help reform the system… More

Voters upbeat so far about Wolf; 59% polled supporting his tax plan

About 40 percent of those surveyed in the Franklin & Marshall College Poll have a favorable opinion of Gov. Tom Wolf. That's higher than former Gov. Tom Corbett posted at any point during his lone term, polling figures show… More