Compensation disparities vast among Pennsylvania educators

Schools in poorer, rural areas of Pennsylvania pay 30 to 60% less annually to teachers than schools in wealthy suburbs of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, a Trib Total Media analysis found… More

Capitolwire: Charter school group calls Right-to-Know request ‘a publicity stunt’

Reprinted with permission:  Christen Smith, Staff Reporter, Capitolwire HARRISBURG (May 15) – The Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA) filed a Right-to-Know request Friday with 180 charter schools across the state. The organization wants to know how much the schools pay administrators and spend on advertising and real estate contracts, all for the sake of transparency and education… More

NEWS RELEASE: RTK request to charters seeks transparency in spending

In an effort to better understand the operations, financial needs and expenses of Pennsylvania charter schools, the Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA) today sent a Right-to-Know request to charter and cyber charter schools asking for a short list of public information… More

Multiple Choices: The Ins and Outs of School Funding in Pennsylvania

The ins and outs of school funding in Pennsylvania is a series. By Keystone Crossroads: Four public media newsrooms are collaborating to report in depth on the root causes of our state's urban crisis — and on possible solutions. crossroads.newsworks… More

Editorial: Wait … the Legislature actually did something this week? Now what?

If you were in the Big Building on the Hill on Third Street on Wednesday, you might have had cause to pause, check yourself, and wonder whether you were really in Pennsylvania… More

Editorial: What do states owe workers? For a lesson in what not to do, look to Illinois’ pensions mess

What do states owe workers? That's a question we're going to be asking a lot as states wrestle with growing pension obligations that weren't properly funded. Illinois courts have just ruled that the state's attempt to curtail its pension benefits cannot go forward. Pennlive… More

Editorial: Overhaul Pa.’s failing education model

After decades of talking but not doing, Pennsylvania finally appears ready to reform public school financing. Both Gov. Wolf and Republican legislators agree the state should boost its share of school funding by substituting increased state income and sales taxes for local real estate taxes… More

It’s on to the Pennsylvania House for pension reform; hearings set for June

Sweeping aside decades of legal precedent and policy-making tradition, Senate Republicans passed a pension reform bill Wednesday that, as written, would change benefit formulas mid-career for more than 360,000 current state workers and school employees. Pennlive… More

Guest Editorial: We must have funding for education

In order to rebuild Pennsylvania’s middle class and re-establish Pennsylvania as an economic leader, we must work to secure the best education possible for Pennsylvania students… More

East Penn considering fee on delinquent tax payments

East Penn School District may add a 5 percent fee on delinquent property tax payments, a move that would allow the district to recoup all money it is owed when bills are paid… More