First in Math to award 70,000 one-year licenses through PSBA

The Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA) recently announced a continuation of its partnership with First in Math® that will allow the association to award an additional 70,000 one-year First in Math licenses to school districts through the commonwealth… More

Editorial: Public schools and your money

Today's topic, an annual one for me, is how your tax dollars enter the maw of public education and to a significant extent just sit there. That's right… More

Midstate prosecutors stand with Gov. Tom Wolf for higher pre-k spending

A group of midstate prosecutors Tuesday endorsed Gov. Tom Wolf's plan to nearly double the state's pool of money to increase enrollment by low-income children in pre-kindergarten and Head Start programs. Pennlive… More

Most York County school districts would get more for property tax cuts under House plan than under Wolf’s plan

Gov. Tom Wolf and the state House have different plans for reducing school property taxes. One of the big differences is how much money they would send to each district… More

Well-schooled in the ways of Phila., SRC chair is still learning

What Marjorie Neff envisioned for her life after retiring in June was travel and undivided time with family, sprinkled with regular stints volunteering at her neighborhood school… More

Editorial: Time is running out for a Pa. pension solution

The ticking time bomb that is tucked inside the Pennsylvania budget has not detonated – yet. But that does not mean the crisis circling around the state’s two major public employee pension plans is going away, or that it is not having a huge effect on people’s lives. Delaware Co… More

Opinion: Talk doesn’t fund schools

It would be a shame if the gains Philadelphia has made in lowering its dropout rate and increasing the number of students who graduate from high school were dealt a setback by inadequate school funding… More

Editorial: Tidal shift – Pennsylvania is on track to reducing school taxes

The state House has advanced historic changes to Pennsylvania’s system of taxing its residents, a plan designed to reduce school property taxes. It comes with a big price tag… More

Editorial: ‘Last hired, first fired?’ – There’s a better way to attract and keep good teachers

All students deserve to have the best available teacher in front of their classrooms providing quality instruction and valuable educational experiences each and every day. All educators deserve to be supported, rewarded and valued for their effectiveness and impact on student learning… More

Cyber charter group’s opinion: PSBA’s Right-to-Know request for charter schools is a publicity stunt

Despite having the information they requested at their fingertips, the Pennsylvania School Boards Association pulled off a great publicity stunt when it filed a Right-to-Know request with charter and cyber charter school operators asking for financial information about their schools (“Pennsylvania School Boards Association Files Right-to-Know Requests on Charter School Spending,” May 15)… More