Electing PSBA Officers

Do you have strong communication and leadership skills and a vision for PSBA? Members interested in becoming the next leaders of PSBA are encouraged to submit an Application for Nomination no later than May 31 to PSBA's Leadership Development Committee (LDC)… More

April 30 webcast: Teaching the Facts and Dispelling the Myths about PSERS

In this live webcast at noon presented by experts from PSERS, get a better understanding of the Public School Employees’ Retirement System (PSERS), how it is funded and the history of how the employer rate has risen to its current level… More

Reform sought as cyber charter school costs top $42M in NEPA districts

The 37 school districts in Northeast Pennsylvania pay a combined $42 million in cyber charter school tuition each year. The total amount paid — and the way the state determines tuition — has many people calling for reform… More

Real estate agents join the push for education funding in PA

The fight to boost education funding brings lots of people together — teachers, superintendents, politicians. But advocates want to add another constituency to the mix: real estate agents… More

National News: ESSA’s growing pains evident amid progress

If the Every Student Succeeds Act were a schoolchild, it would be a preschooler — not much more than 3 years old, making steady progress, but still stumbling a bit along the way. Education Week, April 2, 2019 (Subscription may be required… More

Creating a fairer map: Redistricting reform panel kicks off public input tour

Pennsylvania will redraw its congressional and legislative districts after the 2020 census — and there's a renewed push to change the rules before that happens… More

National News: Hitting ESSA’s elusive targets on school accountability

Although many have emphasized the newfound flexibility states and school districts would enjoy under ESSA, advocates and observers of different stripes haven't set aside their concerns about how the law is playing out. Education Week, April 2, 2019 (Subscription may be required… More

Smart Talk: Preventing suicide after trauma

Experiencing trauma affects anyone differently. That's why communities across the country and throughout the state are working to bring awareness to suicide prevention. On today's Smart Talk to discuss suicide and suicide prevention are Govan Martin, chair and board of directors of Prevent Suicide PA, and Terri A. Erbacher, Ph.D., crisis intervention and suicide prevention specialist… More

Study shows Pennsylvania one of top states for sharing education report cards

A national study of school report cards shows Pennsylvania is one of the best in the nation when it comes to giving the public data regarding student success. Watchdog… More

May 7 webcast on School Safety and Security Coordinator role, report

All PA schools are required to designate a School Safety and Security Coordinator who compiles an annual report for the school board, among other responsibilities… More