The Slaughter in Pittsburgh Is Horrifying. What Can Schools Do to Prevent Another?

Antisemitism is on the rise, young people know less about the Holocaust than older adults, and only a handful of states mandate by law the teaching of the Holocaust and genocide. What should schools be doing about this? EducationWeek, Oct… More

Five ways to make classrooms more inclusive

Studies have shown LGBTQ students are more likely to be bullied at school, which can lead to missed classes and a higher risk of suicide. For those kids, a teacher who knows how to be inclusive — or how to “queer” the classroom, as some refer to it — can make a big difference… More

North Carolina school shooting spotlights importance of family reunification plans

The incident sparked many questions: What changes can the district make to keep guns out of its buildings? Can schools make any changes to ensure students report concerns about issues like bullying? And, after crises like shootings and natural disasters are resolved, are schools prepared to handle all of the logistical hurdles that come next? More

Halloween, ‘harvest festival’ or nothing at all? At local schools, celebrations are all over the map

Some schools are all in for Halloween, with parades, classroom parties, and costume contests. But others have chosen to downplay the holiday, either skipping celebrations or hosting “harvest festivals” or alternate parties, in a nod to students who don't mark Oct. 31 as anything special. Philadelphia Inquirer, Oct… More

More than half of PA public schools do not have a teacher of color

More than 60 years after the Brown vs. Board of Education ruling, an analysis of state data shows persistently stark disparities between the racial composition of teachers and students in Pennsylvania’s schools — among the widest gaps in the country. The Notebook, Oct… More

How school security turned Into a wedge issue in the midterm elections (video)

The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida this past spring thrust gun control and school security back into the mainstream debate. Many candidates for office want to arm teachers despite opposition from teachers' unions and those who say placing more guns in schools will only put students more at risk… More

Mandated: Fiscal pressures make nonmandated program cuts more tempting

About 67% of school districts statewide are in survival mode, according to Richard Fry, president of the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators and superintendent of Big Spring School District. Carlisle Sentinel, Oct… More

Mandated: School districts grapple with teacher shortages in all content areas

The statewide teacher shortage has put a crimp on the ability of at least one local school district to continue nonmandated curriculum programs the school board and administration support. Carlisle Sentinel, Oct… More

Midstate school district becomes first in PA to allow armed teachers

A Schuylkill County school district recently, and rather quietly, became Pennsylvania's first to pass a policy permitting teachers to carry guns in schools. But a backlash has since developed, setting up a showdown over the place of guns in Pennsylvania schools that could set statewide precedent. WITF, Oct… More

Gov. Tom Wolf, Scott Wagner divided over how to make schools safer

The rash of school shootings that averaged one a week in the first 21 weeks of this year — most notably ones in Florida, Texas, and Maryland — has raised the profile of school safety in political campaigns, including this year's gubernatorial contest in Pennsylvania. Pennlive, Oct… More