Philadelphia superintendent on leading through a financial crisis and raising expectations for students

Education Week spoke with William Hite earlier this month about his tenure, continuing challenges the district faces, bright spots, and advice for other urban district leaders confronting conditions like the ones he encountered when he first arrived in Philadelphia. Education Week, April 1, 2019 (Subscription may be required… More

National News: Here’s how seven states are faring in the battle over school funding

At the beginning of this year, the National Conference of State Legislatures predicted there was a chance that more than half of states could finally overhaul the antiquated — and, advocates say, often inequitable — formulas that have been dictating their K-12 funding for years… More

School officials and resource officers need to guard against criminalizing student behavior

School resource officers handle incidents of drug and alcohol use among students, threats of violence and vandalism. The best of them also serve as mentors to students, offering words of caution and encouragement… More

National News: States hunt for evidence to underpin school turnaround efforts

Next school year, school leaders across the country will begin improvement efforts. And, thanks to the Every Student Succeeds Act, they'll largely be able to chart their own turnaround course — as long as at least part of their plan is backed by evidence… More

National News: More education studies look at cost effectiveness

What's more important to a superintendent: a math program shown to give a bigger boost to students' math skills in the next two years or one that gives a smaller improvement but fits the district's budget for five years? Questions like that have become more common as school leaders grapple with years of shrinking budgets… More

Bill seeks to help homebound students take part in the classroom

The state Senate is advancing legislation to help Pennsylvania school districts pay for accommodations for students who are homebound due to a serious injury or illness, such as cancer… More

House passes Rep. Mike Doyle’s bill reviving Obama-era net neutrality rules

The U.S. House voted on Wednesday to approve legislation that would reinstate Obama-era net neutrality rules that prevent internet service providers from meddling with web traffic. In 2017, the Federal Communications Commission voted to toss out the net neutrality rules put that barred broadband providers from blocking some websites or charging for some content… More

When the ‘homework gap’ hits home: How rural PA students learn with limited broadband

When many high school students get home, they open their laptops and start  their homework. But Logan Snyder, 17, living in rural Madisonburg, has had to travel to his mom’s office eight miles away to complete assignments… More

‘We have to give it a shot’: Redistricting bill passes Senate committee, as reformers call for more work

A bill that would change the way Pennsylvania draws its political maps got the support of a Senate committee Tuesday, even though lawmakers and activists alike still think it needs some work… More

School leaders in Philly and Pittsburgh frustrated with Corbett-era holdovers on state board

A wave of progressive school board members faces off with the state Charter Appeal Board, still filled with appointees of former GOP Gov. Tom Corbett. Local boards are being more assertive about setting stricter standards for charter applications… More