Senate passes legislation by Ryan Aument targeting effectiveness of standardized tests

The Pennsylvania Senate last week passed with bipartisan support measures introduced by Landisville Republican Ryan Aument that would study the effectiveness of standardized tests and reduce certification requirements for vocational teachers… More

Officials listen to concerns and thoughts of Erie High School students regarding safety

Pennsylvania's School Safety Task Force is touring the state hearing concerns of students, parents, and faculty.  Governor Tom Wolf and Auditor General Eugene DePasquale sent representatives to Erie High School Wednesday. YourErie… More

Scott Wagner exiting Senate to focus on gubernatorial bid

Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner is stepping down from the state Senate… More

Despite differences, Dems and GOP say they expect quick budget talks

With the commonwealth's budget deadline a month away, negotiations haven't begun in earnest. But talks are ongoing behind the scenes — and that means a familiar tug-of-war between Democrats trying to bolster state programs, and Republicans determined to limit spending… More

Educators pan voucher vote

The Pennsylvania School Boards Association and Bethlehem administrators are disappointed in a recent vote by the Senate Education Committee to approve Senate Bill 2, creating Education Savings Accounts, or vouchers, that take state tax money out of neighborhood public schools for use at private schools… More

Opinion: Legislature needs to take school funding reform seriously

Each school district's situation is a little different, but the common threads include trying to keep up with pension payments for state employees, which, of course, includes teachers. Others frequently cited are paying for special education services and for cyber and charter school tuition for children living within their school district… More

A deadly school year — 35 people killed in school shootings

It's the highest death toll in a single academic year from school shootings in recent decades — outnumbering the years of the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings and the Columbine High School shootings, according to a Washington Post database. Education Week, May 29, 2018 (Subscription may be required… More

Governor, lawmakers aren’t panicking as state budget push nears

As the most intense part of this year's budget season is about to get underway, it's been remarkably quiet in the state Capitol, and policymakers say they're hopeful that bodes well for an improvement in what's been a strained process for several years… More

Schools go increasingly digital, but there’s still a need for paper

School districts often boast about their latest digital initiatives. Sleek devices and flashy technology in classrooms abound, depending on the school… More

Gamers are the new high school athletes: The rise of esports

Esports, a movement that features competitive video game play that grew out of the commercial gaming industry, is popular at the college and professional levels. Now, it is gaining a greater foothold in K-12. Education Week, May 25, 2018 (Subscription may be required… More