House passes bill to allow opt-out for Keystone Exams

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has passed legislation that would allow parents to opt their children out of the Keystone Exams, the standardized tests given to high school students… More

House proposal expands vaping prohibition for minors

If passed and signed into law, the bill will align the state law with that of federal regulation that already prohibits the sale of electronic cigarettes. The difference between the proposed bill and federal law would say individuals 18 and older cannot use e-cigarettes on school property… More

PA panel OKs eminent domain reform bill

A House committee has reported out legislation to limit the use of eminent domain on land that has been set aside as green space or open space. House Bill 2468 was sent to the full House on Tuesday by a 27-0 vote… More

Students tell Pennsylvania school safety task force to listen

The task force — which is led by Gov. Tom Wolf and Auditor General Eugene DePasquale — over the summer will produce a report that is to include recommendations for improving school safety… More

Pennsylvania Senate Republicans muscle judicial election change into redistricting bill

Republicans in the Pennsylvania Senate on Tuesday moved to capitalize on the political momentum behind adopting a less partisan redistricting system to overhaul how state appeals judges are elected, drawing protest from Democrats… More

Schools use yoga, meditation to boost learning, ease stress

The activities — some calming and some stimulating — are part of an educational initiative to help students learn by first helping them become mindful of themselves, their emotions and their surroundings… More

Record number of high school diplomas earned this year, and other facts about the class of 2018

Teens in the United States are receiving high school diplomas in record numbers this year, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, due to slowly increasing enrollment and steadily declining drop-out rates… More

For PA students, a new duty: civics test

They wouldn’t have to pass it, but students would be required to take a civics test before high school graduation under a bill that could soon become law in Pennsylvania… More

Pennsylvania’s taxing politics of early childhood education

Pennsylvania’s budget season is in full swing as the fiscal year winds down and the next one begins July 1. That means the Capitol is swarming with professional and grassroots lobbyists looking to cut, protect or enhance funding levels in a variety of programs… More

PA voters willing to pay more taxes for more pre-K, poll finds

In a new poll released Thursday, 64% of Pennsylvania likely voters said they would support a tax increase to expand publicly funded preschool education, responding to a hypothetical hike of .01 percentage points in the personal income tax, which would cost an average taxpayer about $50… More