After pressure from religious schools, Pa. removes nondiscrimination language from tax credit program

Should private schools that benefit from Pennsylvania’s tax credit programs adhere to the rules of the public system? That debate often revolves around school accountability because the state does not require private schools to administer and publish the results of standardized tests… More

Nation earns mediocre grade on school finance in report card

At a time when money is front and center as an education issue — fueling a recent wave of teacher strikes and legislative wrangling over resources — Education Week‘s latest school finance analysis illustrates why the nation earns a mediocre mark on school funding and how fairly that money is divvied up within states… More

Bills to take on food insecurity, food waste in schools

In each public school in Pennsylvania, there are students who throw away their lunches, and others who wish they had enough to eat. This is what inspired Rep. Pam Snyder, D-Greene County, to draft two bills to address food waste and food insecurity in schools… More

What three rallies and one Scott Wagner retirement tells you about the #PaBudget

Wagner might be leaving his legislative career in the rearview mirror. But for the hundreds of people who filled the Capitol on Monday morning and afternoon, the work on the budget was just beginning… More

A third of students need eye exams, study finds

Despite the spread of nearsightedness among U.S. schoolchildren, nearly 1 in 3 has not had a vision screening in at least two years, according to a new Education Week Research Center analysis of federal data, and research suggests several ways schools may help reduce children's risk of bad eyesight… More

When it comes to school safety, ‘we can’t waste another day,’ U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta says

The nation's schools ought to be at least as safe for students as safe as government buildings are for elected officials and employees, says a congressman from Pennsylvania… More

PA plan to ax school property taxes not as advertised

Susan Spicka, executive director of the Education Voters of Pennsylvania advocacy group, said this week that residents hoping for a tax break through House and Senate Bill 76 might not get what politicians are telling them… More

School choice debate reignites at Capitol

The controversy over expanding school choice to use tax dollars to help parents afford private school tuition has been renewed at the state Capitol… More

Editorial: Being on time not good enough this time for Pa. budget

To make this a truly good budget year, Republican leaders in the Legislature and our Democratic governor should waste no time in agreeing to school funding – a state budget responsibility, more than one-third of state spending most years, called for specifically in Article III, Section 14, of the state constitution… More

On heels of Pa. congressional map changes, U.S. Supreme Court to rule on gerrymandering

This month the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to deliver two highly anticipated decisions on cases involving partisan gerrymandering — one from Wisconsin and the other from Maryland… More