Letter: Safe2Say, Senate Bill 1142; House Bill 2432 dealing with textbooks; House Bill 1097 CPR

June 16, 2018 House Education Committee Members Pennsylvania House of Representatives Re: Safe2Say, Senate Bill 1142; House Bill 2432 dealing with textbooks; House Bill 1097 CPR Dear Representative: On behalf of our 4,500 publicly elected members, The Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA) is providing comments on several of the bills being considered by the House… More

State Senate embraces exam alternatives

Legislation that seeks to prevent the Keystone Exams from being a lone hurdle to graduation from high school in Pennsylvania passed the Senate Education Committee last week, to the applause of both the Pennsylvania School Boards Association and the president of the state's largest teachers union… More

Commentary: PA state budget review — Are these negotiations a ‘friendly?’ We’ll soon find out

As for the budget, what is known is that the governor's office, and negotiators for the state House and the Senate have been quietly plugging away to try to reach an agreed-to spending plan by the next of the new fiscal year on July 1… More

New state tool to evaluate schools to launch this fall

In an effort to increase transparency and provide a better progress report on achievement, growth and other outcomes, the state plans to launch a new evaluation tool this fall… More

Republicans move to remake court after gerrymandering case

After the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's Democratic majority threw out the Republican-drawn map of congressional districts as an unconstitutional gerrymander, Republicans raised talk of impeaching Democratic justices… More

How (and why) ed-tech companies are tracking students’ feelings

For years, there’s been a movement to personalize student learning based on each child’s academic strengths, weaknesses, and preferences. Now, some experts believe such efforts shouldn’t be limited to determining how well individual kids spell or subtract. Education Week, June 13, 2018 (Subscription may be required… More

PA Senate amends congressional redistricting bill with controversial change for judicial elections

After hours of debate, the state Senate has amended a high-profile redistricting overhaul, and is on track to send it to the House Wednesday… More

Momentum growing for killing the Keystone Exams as a graduation requirement before it takes effect

Passing the Keystone Exams would be prevented from becoming a graduation requirement for Pennsylvania students under legislation that is advancing in the state Senate. PennLive… More

Joint letter from PSBA, PASA and PASBO to oppose House Bill 1531

June 12, 2018 Re: House Bill 1531 Dear Representative, On behalf of the school board members, school administrators, and business officials who oversee the commonwealth’s public school districts, we are writing to express our concern with House Bill 1531 (Rep. Christiana- Beaver)… More

Tell your senator to vote YES to graduation reforms under Senate Bill 1095

Yesterday the Senate Education Committee amended and approved Senate Bill 1095 (Sen. McGarrigle, R-Chester/Delaware), legislation that provides multiple options to demonstrate readiness for high school graduation… More