New state law addresses school safety

Legislation sponsored by state Rep. Bryan Cutler, of Peach Bottom, that allows school boards to enter executive session to discuss safety and security matters was approved by Gov. Tom Wolf on June 22… More

Report: PA’s on-time budget is part of a broader trend

State lawmakers — particularly the ones running for office — have spent the last month touting the fact they passed a budget ahead of schedule after a decade of regular impasses. Their success wasn't unusual this year — nearly every state passed an on-time budget thanks to strong revenues… More

PIAA changes transfer rule, adds competitive balance formula

The PIAA passed two serious policy proposals on Wednesday that could drastically affect competitive balance in Pennsylvania high school sports… More

Facial-recognition systems pitched as school-safety solutions, raising alarms

On the heels of horrific school shootings and mounting concerns about student safety, technology companies and K-12 leaders are starting to consider a new strategy: facial recognition. Education Week, July 18, 2018 (Subscription may be required… More

Wagner, Wolf volley back and forth on education

Governor Tom Wolf and GOP challenger Scott Wagner have spent much of this month trying to paint one another as supporters of school funding cuts. And both say the other camp is being misleading… More

Local lawmaker proposing new legislation to improve school safety

A local lawmaker is proposing new legislation in Harrisburg to improve school safety. State Rep. Jason Ortitay's legislation calls for the creation of special threat assessment teams at every school district… More

One-third of parents fear for their child’s safety at school

After a year scarred by two mass shootings in high schools, 34 percent of parents fear for their child’s safety at school, a new poll finds, and just 27 percent are very confident or extremely confident about their school’s ability to deter a gunman… More

Secret Service guides schools on assessing student threat

The U.S. Secret Service offered help Thursday to school districts struggling with how to recognize students at risk of becoming the next school shooter… More

Pa. bets on residency model to boost teacher prep programs

With Pennsylvania licensing fewer and fewer teachers, the state recently announced it will send $2 million in federal aid to eight colleges and universities in hopes of boosting their teacher prep pipelines… More

Perceived private school edge has some PIAA affiliates speaking about ‘secession’

While the PIAA has proposed remedies via rule changes to toughen transfer guidance (which could be approved as soon as Wednesday at its bimonthly board meeting also in State College), many in the public sphere believe them to be ineffective half-measures… More