In some cities, closing achievement gaps is not for schools to fix alone

The cities — Somerville and Newton, MA.; Louisville, KY.; Providence, RI; and Oakland, CA — set off in 2016 on an experimental endeavor with the Education Redesign Lab at the Harvard Graduate School of Education to rethink how they support children and families, in some cases from birth through college. Education Week, Sept… More

A school garden might encourage your kids to eat vegetables. Here’s how to start one

School nationwide are enlisting dietitians to plan gardens, teach cooking classes and train teachers with nutrition education. Scranton Times-Tribune, Sept… More

Is voting on your board agenda?

Voting is open online through Oct. 11 for 2019 PSBA officer and Insurance Trust trustee positions. Just like last year, voting takes place online through a secure, third-party website — Simply Voting. Each member school entity casts one vote per office… More

Old schools, hot buildings: A ‘public health concern’?

For many districts, the cooling challenge isn't limited to installing units: Wiring old buildings is expensive. And in Pennsylvania, where schools are funded heavily by local property taxes, and state money for school construction has withered, the costs can be prohibitive for poorer districts. Philadelphia Inquirer, Sept… More

Teen social media use is skyrocketing. But don’t panic, new research says

Teens' use of social media has exploded over the past six years, while their preference for face-to-face interactions with friends has markedly declined. But the sky does not appear to be falling, according to the results from a new national survey of teenagers by the nonprofit Common Sense Media. Education Week, Sept… More

Proposed school tax reduction bill discussed

Rosemary Brown, Marcia Hahn and other state representatives have introduced Pennsylvania House Bill 2329, legislation proposed to set up an optional program through which school districts can exclude up to 100% of residential properties and farms from taxation. Pocono Record, Sept… More

Sweltering schools bring up age-old infrastructure problem in Pennsylvania

A recent heat wave in Southeastern Pennsylvania has education advocates calling for more state funding for school infrastructure upgrades. WITF, Sept… More

Mold in schools: ‘We’re just more scared of it’

The unusually wet, humid weather — ideal for mold — is the main reason for the outbreaks. But it's also likely greater awareness and concern about mold has fueled the decisions to shut down classrooms and buildings, and in some cases cancel school, for removal of mold and subsequent testing to make sure it's gone… More

Study says Pennsylvania among the worst states for bullying

A report released Sept. 6, 2018, by WalletHub looked beyond the prevalence of bullying and the physical, emotional and psychological tolls it takes on victims, to the socioeconomic outcomes as well. Central Penn Parent, Sept… More

Testimony: HB 2571, P.N. 3883, public employee “fair share” representation fees (Sept. 5, 2018)

Testimony by Stuart L. Knade, PSBA senior director of legal services, before the House Committee on Labor and Industry Good morning Chairman Kauffman, Chairman Galloway and members of the House Labor and Industry Committee… More