Suburban schools’ residency enforcement disproportionately affects kids of color

Every year, hundreds of kids are kicked out of suburban Philadelphia school districts for residency fraud. Maybe even thousands. This little-discussed corner of the K-12 world contains so many of the issues that shape education in Pennsylvania today… More

PA House approves bills to boost interest in high-demand career and technical fields

A bipartisan package of eight bills that aims to address business and industry workforce shortages and alleviate the mis-perception attached to career and technical education won House approval on Monday… More

Key takeaways and emerging issues from the feds’ massive Civil Rights Data survey

The U.S. Department of Education released its 2015-16 Civil Rights Data Collection last week, updating the most comprehensive database there is on opportunity gaps, discipline disparities, and other civil rights issues for more than 50.6 million students in nearly every K-12 public school in the country. Education Week, April 29, 2018 (Subscription may be required… More

Should Pa. have an anonymous school threat reporting system? These state senators say yes

State Sen. Pat Browne and two other lawmakers want Pennsylvania to create a new school threat monitoring system that would allow for anonymous reporting… More

Commentary: Six reasons why school choice won’t save us

Proponents of school choice often argue that it’s the path to a better education system. While it’s a path that works for some children, it can end up leaving others even farther behind… More

Teachers say ‘frustration’ over decade of cuts to education is fueling nationwide revolt

Teachers across the nation say the chronic cuts to education spending over the past decade lies at the root of a growing revolt by educators who have reached the tipping point… More

As awareness of childhood trauma rises, new free therapy program launches for Philly students

Trauma can impact how students learn, triggering the “fight, flight, or freeze” instincts that can make it difficult for children to concentrate and absorb new information. Some studies suggest trauma may alter genetics, and be passed down generation to generation… More

Editorial: Public schools in a fight to stop voucher proposal Senate Bill 2

The pressure put forth by Pennsylvania public schools may not have eliminated a voucher proposal that threatens school funding, but they have won a temporary reprieve… More

With new map, Pennsylvania fields busy US House primaries

Pennsylvanians will settle 21 primary contests for U.S. House seats in May 15's primary election. Also contributing is a court-ordered redrawing of Pennsylvania's congressional districts that wiped out 6-year-old boundaries that favored Republicans… More

What ‘A nation at risk’ got wrong, and right, about U.S. schools

Very few government reports have had the staying power of “A Nation At Risk,” which appeared 35 years ago this month and stoked widespread concerns about the quality of American schools… More