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June 2018

A recent case out of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas demonstrates just how costly the failure to respond to bullying can be, King, Spry, Herman, Freund & Faul

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Law Firm Newsletters

Summer 2017

  • Tucker Arensberg
    • Federal Court Allows Title IX Claim to Proceed Based Upon Allegations That Student Harassed by Peers for Failure to Conform to Gender Norms
    • District Court Permits Transgender Person Diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria to Sue Under Americans with Disabilities Act
    • Pennsylvania Courts Split Over Sexual Orientation Discrimination
    • Sharp Pencil Not a Weapon Under Pennsylvania School Code
    • School Employee Who Resigned After Her Hospitalization Coverage was Reduced Entitled to Unemployment Compensation

Winter 2017

  • Tucker Arensberg
    • Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Holds that Individuals Have a Constitutional Right to Privacy in Their Home Addresses and Other Private Information
    • Retired Teacher Awarded Post-Retirement Benefits for Same-Sex Spouse
    • Private Sale of Real Property Voided Where District Rejected “Substantially Higher” Offer from Charter School
    • The Third Circuit Court of Appeals Denies Teacher Qualified Immunity Under the “State-Created Danger” Theory
    • Pennsylvania Supreme Court Held That a Jury Finding of Bad Faith Does Not Mandate a Trial Court to Award Penalties and Attorney Fees Under the Pennsylvania Procurement Code

Fall 2015

  • Tucker Arensberg
    • Administration Building Constitutes an “Educational Building” Where Weapons are Prohibited When Student Instruction Occurs in the Building
    • Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board Combines Teacher and Support Personnel Bargaining Units
    • Claim Arising from Head Injury Dismissed Because the School District Enacted and Followed a Policy Concerning Proper Concussion Protocols
    • Email by Principal Disagreeing with Union President Over Confidentiality Issues Deemed an Unfair Labor Practice
  • Tucker Arensberg
    • Supreme Court Affirms Ruling That School District Has Duty to Transport Student to and from Father’s and Mother’s Separate Residences Within School District
    • When is a School District “Deliberately Indifferent” to Student Discrimination Claims?
    • Pennsylvania Supreme Court Establishes Test for Specificity Under the Right to Know Law
    • General Assembly Adds “Cyber Harrassment” to Pennsylvania Criminal Code
    • Failure to Disclose Tax Returns Results in Rescission of Back Pay Award

Summer 2015

  • Tucker Arensberg
    • Educational Institutions Permitted to Limit Access to Restrooms and Locker Rooms Based on Biological or “Birth Sex”
    • Commonwealth Court Reinstates Teacher Who Was Terminated for Having Three DUI Convictions
    • Pennsylvania Supreme Court Holds That a Request for Record That Was Not “Generally” Addressed to the Open-Records Officer Did Not Trigger the Agency’s 5-Day Response Period or Appeal Rights Under the Right-To-Know Law
    • School Districts May Not Violate Furlough Provisions Of A Collective Bargaining Agreement in Order to Comply with Highly Qualified Teacher Requirements Of NCLB
    • Transfer of Entities Act Not Implicated by Discontinuance of Vo-Tech Academic Programs

April 2015

  • Andrews & Beard
    • “Spouse” definition under FMLA updated by D.O.L.
    • New NLRB election rules survive Congressional challenge
    • Employer may fire workers and offer contract positions with release
    • Stray remarks do not make age discrimination case
    • Employee prevails on retaliation and sex harassment claim
    • Striking sexual harasser does not bar retaliation claim

Spring 2015

  • Tucker Arensberg
    • Understanding and Managing Compliance with the Affordable Care Act
    • Overview of Annual Reporting Requirements / Statements of Financial Interests
    • Public Transit Passes Satisfy the Transportation Requirements of the Charter School Law
    • Pass the Trash: A Summary of the Employment History Review Requirements Under Act 168


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