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School districts address security as new school year gets underway

Throughout the region, school districts have implemented an array of security measures: door buzzers, cameras, tinted shatter-resistant glass, safety doors. Observer-Reporter, Aug… More

Back-to-school preparation: Supplies and security

Walk in to any given elementary or middle school classroom, and you're bound to be greeted with some evidence of a teacher's love and effort. How do you create an inviting learning environment while keeping classrooms secure and students prepared for the worst? WFMZ, Aug… More

More districts embracing shared programs

For some districts with declining enrollments, cooperative agreements — which allow students to play sports not offered at their school for a different school — are an option that may help avoid consolidation… More

Renewing a teaching license doesn’t help with professional growth, report finds

Every teacher has to renew their teaching license periodically — and too often, the renewal process is a missed opportunity for professional growth, concludes a new report. Education Week, Aug. 20, 2018 (Subscription may be required… More

Research: Consolidations would have mixed results

Sweeping statewide consolidation across Pennsylvania’s 500 public schools wouldn’t bring the cost-savings that some lawmakers — and the public alike — envision, at least not without the state providing financial incentives, a recent analysis shows. Sunbury Daily Item, Aug… More

Central PA districts discuss ways to improve school safety with new state funding

A Republican state senate policy committee hosted a roundtable discussion about school safety in Williamsport on Thursday. Much of the discussion centered around ways to allocate the $60 million lawmakers reserved for it this year. WHYY, Aug… More

Edged out of the middle class, teachers are walking out

Low pay has led teachers across the country to organize and strike for better wages and greater investment in schools. In Arizona, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Colorado, the growing “Red for ed” movement is demanding legislatures in these red states invest more money in schools and school staff. Hechinger Report, Aug… More

What the DeVos-led school safety commission did this summer

In hearings and public comment sessions throughout the summer—some on the road and some in Washington—the commission has heard from a range of experts, educators, and the general public on issues including on the wisdom and value of arming school staff members, the importance of student mental health services, how to preserve student privacy rights… More

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You’ve earned your badges, so download today to share with your friends on social media, post on your resume and include on your email signature. Log into myPSBA then click ‘My Transcript' and navigate to ‘My Badge Collection’ to view your earned badges… More

Should kids have homework? The great debate

The start of a new school year means the return to daily homework, an often dreaded task and the root of parent-student strife that leaves some parents of elementary school students wondering if it’s worth it. The answer, experts say, is complicated. Carlisle Sentinel, Aug… More