Your school board is invited to submit proposals for consideration for PSBA’s 2021 Legislative Platform, your association’s official record of positions on legislative issues that guides our advocacy efforts. The deadline to submit proposals is Tuesday, June 30.

Now is the time to bring this issue up for discussion at your next board meeting so that your items can be drafted, approved and submitted to PSBA by the June 30 deadline. The process for amending PSBA’s Legislative Platform is easy to remember in three steps:

Step 1: School boards submit proposed items to PSBA
Step 2: The Platform Committee considers items & drafts proposed platform
Step 3: The Delegate Assembly votes on proposed platform

In addition, this year school directors will be invited to participate in a separate process to select PSBA’s Legislative Priorities for the upcoming 2021-22 session of the General Assembly. In June, school directors will receive a survey regarding priority issues and the results will be provided to the Platform Committee. Priority selection occurs every two years to coincide with the two-year legislative session.

Step 1: Submitting proposals
Boards should begin by reviewing the current PSBA 2020 Legislative Platform. Boards may voice support for the continuation of specific current platform statements, create new proposals, amend existing platform language, or suggest the deletion of a current statement.

All proposals and rationale for the proposal must be approved by the board and verified by the board secretary. In other words, an individual board member may not submit an item on his or her own behalf. Items should be drafted as per the guidelines and submitted to the Government Affairs staff. See PSBA Guidelines for submitting platform proposals.

Deadline to submit proposals: Tuesday, June 30

Step 2: Consideration by the Platform Committee
School boards submit their proposals to PSBA, where they are presented to the PSBA Platform Committee for consideration. The Platform Committee is a standing committee of the association that deliberates and makes an initial determination on all items submitted for the coming year’s platform.

The Platform Committee is comprised of the association’s officers, and representatives of the association's state sections. Each of PSBA’s eight sectional advisors appoints two persons to serve a one-year term on the committee.  In addition, the Platform Committee includes one representative from each of the member organizations in PSBA’s Advisory Council. They include: PA School Board Solicitors Association, School Board Secretaries Forum, and the PA Association of Educational Office Professionals.

Following the meeting, the proposed 2021 Legislative Platform will be posted on PSBA’s website and distributed to all delegates participating in the Delegate Assembly meeting.

Platform Committee meeting: This year the committee will conduct a virtual meeting via Zoom on Saturday, August 1.

Step 3: Final vote by the Delegate Assembly
Voting delegates from PSBA-member entities will take final action on the proposed platform recommended by the Platform Committee. Under the PSBA Bylaws, all proposals voted on by the Delegate Assembly must have first been considered by the Platform Committee. The Delegate Assembly will vote only on the proposed changes that have been recommended by the Platform Committee. No new items or substantive amendments can be introduced at the Delegate Assembly meeting. Current platform items where no changes are proposed will be deemed automatically renewed for the coming year’s platform.

Delegate Assembly meeting date: Saturday, November 7. Details on the meeting will be announced separately.