PSBA is the voice of school boards and public education in the halls of the Capitol. The association is actively involved in a wide range of legislative issues and works to leverage change on the issues of greatest importance to local school officials based on PSBA’s Legislative Platform. Our advocacy work includes drafting bills and amendments, participating in meetings and providing analyses and comments on key proposals.

The association successfully targeted its efforts during the previous two-year legislative session of the General Assembly (2017-18) in three key campaigns: enactment of new graduation requirements and blocking separate bills to create a new ESA voucher program, and to restrict the ability of districts to appeal property assessments.

During the first half of the 2019-20 legislative session, PSBA’s work was influential in the enactment of legislation regarding school safety and funding for safety initiatives, reform of the state approval process for school construction projects (PlanCon), vaping prohibitions, parity for school director nominating petitions and flexible instruction days.

In this second half of the session, PSBA is continuing efforts to seek charter school reforms, and to block new voucher plans and assessment appeal restrictions. PSBA is also continuing its ongoing work to secure increases in basic and special education funding, as well as state funding for school construction projects.

Successful advocacy also includes the active involvement of public school officials in the legislative agenda affecting their students and communities. PSBA provides information and opportunities for members to be engaged. We encourage you to join our network of advocates. Together we can build on our success

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