The PSBA Advocacy Engagement Program recognizes the hard work school directors do every day, with a major emphasis on impact and innovation with your advocacy engagement. Our Pennsylvania public schools and students need a voice and heroes. PSBA wants to support our members so they can and will be those needed heroes. Together, we can ensure that our message is unified and heard by the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

A hero is an individual school director or the district's Team of 10 from a public school district who goes above and beyond in educating and influencing Pennsylvania legislators on important issues affecting our schools and students. They continue to build strong positive relationships across the state with our elected officials and staff. Pennsylvania school districts are represented in the halls of the Capitol every day on matters impacting public education. School leaders' advocacy efforts help to create a network of connectivity with PSBA, local communities and legislators linked in an ongoing dialogue around public education.

Under PSBA's Advocacy Engagement Program, there are many ways school directors can assist in educating legislators that have a positive impact on our public schools and students. This recognition program honors the advocacy work you are doing every day.

There are a variety of ways you can continue your advocacy efforts to become a heroBelow are some examples of advocacy actions:

  • Work with your advocacy ambassador and invite public officials to the school in-person or virtually for example to host a Show Them What It Takes event
  • Attend State Advocacy Day (spring: in-person; fall: virtual)
  • Recruit board directors/community members to take action when a legislative action alert is sent
  • Request your advocacy ambassador to present a short advocacy training in-person or virtually
  • Submit Success Starts Here stories
  • Call, write or email your elected public officials with positive stories about your school and students

Help us highlight you by sharing with us your advocacy efforts using the PSBA advocacy tracking form.

Recognition as a hero could include: 

  • Shout-outs in PSBA Works for You
  • A Bulletin article highlighting all heroes
  • Signage at spring Advocacy Day
  • Signage featured at the PASA-PSBA School Leadership Conference

Thank you for being a hero and for the dedication you put in every day to support the success of Pennsylvania’s public schools and students. If you have any questions, email the Advocacy Team at