Core Values

The Pennsylvania School Boards Association is a nonprofit statewide association of public school boards, pledged to the highest ideals of local lay leadership for the public schools of the commonwealth.

PSBA's six core values are integral to who we are and how we work. They are the guiding principles by which we conduct ourselves as we seek to fulfill our mission.

We inspire others to achieve extraordinary results. This requires vision, risk-taking and demonstrating excellence - at every level of our organization.

We strive to always give our best. We are dedicated to quality service and programs, the highest standards of performance and personal growth.

We demonstrate our belief in public education and the importance of local school governance.

We are honest, responsible and ethical in all we do.

We recognize the dignity and worth of everyone by treating them with courtesy and fairness.

Individually, we possess unique strengths and skills. Together, we achieve greater common goals through collaboration and communication.