The school entities listed below have committed to the Principles for Governance and Leadership. Boards can show their commitment to the Principles in one of two ways:
Adopt a policy. Policies remain in effect until changed, providing for continuity even as the members of the board may change. Boards may choose to reaffirm their commitment to the policy, particularly as the makeup of the board changes, by adding a Last Reviewed date to the policy.
Pass a resolution/motion. This approach provides the board an additional opportunity to recommit to the principles as the makeup of the board changes. School boards passing a resolution/motion will have their status on PSBA’s active list “reset” just prior to board organization week in election years.
If your school entity is not currently on the list and your governing board has adopted a resolution, motion or board policy adopting or reaffirming the principles, please click here to complete the Principles Adoption Form.