Founded in 1895 and originally established as the Pennsylvania State School Directors Association (PSSDA), PSBA is the first association of school directors in the nation; by amending its charter in 1962 the association adopted articles of incorporation which renamed the association as Pennsylvania School Boards Association Inc., and merged with the Pennsylvania Association of School Board Secretaries to form “one strong united body.” At the association’s annual convention held in Pittsburgh that year, additional action was taken to permit the “joining” of other Pennsylvania associations/groups, whose common interest is public education, to form a “flexible organization through an interlocking directorship which would place (PSSDA) representatives on Departmental Boards and Department representatives on the (PSSDA) Board.” PSBA member entities include 498 public school districts, 27 intermediate units, 86 career and technical centers, community colleges and others. With more than 4,500 individual members, at least six affiliate associations each with large memberships of their own, a paid professional staff and support staff numbering approximately 150 and an annual budget exceeding $24 million, PSBA is clearly a large and complex organization. Effective leadership and diligent governance are essential to the association’s success in realizing its stated mission. Read on: PSBA Governance Review Committee Report, 2011